Need To Help A Friend Learn the Faith...any ideas??

I am hoping maybe someone has some ideas for me?

My friend is in her early 30’s and has never had any religion in her life. She thinks she was baptized Lutheran, but isnt sure. She has been asking questions here and there about God and I would really like to either buy her a book or some tape sets that might help her learn. The problem is that she really doesnt know anything about God and didnt even know who Jesus is. Where do I start?? I would love it if you could recommend some books or tapes that are good for those just beginning to search out Faith and God and religion?? The problem I am running into is that most do not start off basic enough. I have tried to talk to her about the Church and Christ, but I get a blank stare sometimes because she doesnt know what I am talking about, so I must not be addressing it right…
Can you offer some ideas on what to say, and any good books or tapes? I was thinking that Fr. Corapi or Scott Hahn would be good, but I cant find anything basic enough.
Thanks for your help!!


(I could really use some help!)

Have you tried taking her to a Mass with you? Introducing her to parish members, and explaining as you go along? I don’t know of any books that are basic enough as I was introduced to our Lord early on. I would also look into taking her to a RCIA inquiry session, there would be allot of people there that would love to help. Be patient with her. It sounds like a great opportunity to evangelize has been given to you. Maybe there is a “Christianity for Dummies” book? I hope that at least one of these suggestions may help you. God bless your endeavors.

Dear Kraftster,

It may be helpful just to listen with four ears when she presents to you the direction of her thinking. The Holy Spirit, who loves to lead all to Jesus, will incline her to ask you questions that are coming to the fore of her heart.

With a deep prayer to the Lord for wisdom, you may answer with the simplicity of your own faith, promising to find any information you cannot answer sufficiently. That is what we were taught as CCD teachers - that we don’t have to know all the answers, but readily obtain outside help as the need arises.

There is nothing more special than the gospels, dear friend, for they tell the “good news” of Jesus. Coupled with the Catechism for doctrinal understanding, I would say this might be a good basis for solid beginnings, besides something for inspirational or devotional reading, such as Introduction to a Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales.

Dear friend

If your friend has no idea who Jesus is then the first place to start is to say to her, ‘why don’t you ask Him who He is?’ I had been in the faith for many years and thought I knew Jesus but I didn’t really know Him at all, being really an adult ‘child’ in the faith. So one day I asked God to show me who Jesus is and after this I have been on a wonderful discovery of Jesus.

Please don’t overwhelm your friend with lots of material to read, your friend may just think it’s all too much to be bothered with. The Catholic faith can seem overwhelming in it’s richness and vast amount of things to take in and then on top of that all the devotional stuff as well…it can seem a totally overwhelming thing and may make your friend feel like they can never possibly handle all of it.

As another poster suggested, just sit and listen to your friend to begin with without starting a mission to hand to your friend every bit of material you can lay your hands on! Pray to the Holy Spirit to inspire your heart to respond to hers in His Spirit.

If there is a Bible study group at your Parish, you may ask your friend along there, so that your friend may get to know our Lord in the Sacred Scripture and learn about Him this way.

Another way of telling someone about Jesus is to tell them what the Lord has done for you and how faith leads and shapes your life. Your friend already values your opinion enough to ask you for it, so share with your friend your own journey in faith.

You could also ask your friend if they would like to come into the Church and pray with you, perhaps at some time when there are very few people around, say in the week at the end of a Mass. Being before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the place to receive graces to learn about Him

I know you will be sensitive to your friend’s heart, but remember your journey in faith is not the same as anyone else’s and no two people love God the same, so beware to let her express herself the way she needs to, simply offer her to God and He will work by the power of the Holy Spirit in her heart, mind and soul.

Remember also what will lead one person to Jesus will not lead another, each follows the same narrow path, but is brought there by differing means. You know your friend’s personality so tailor your conversations to this.

Most of all, if you want to effectively show someone Jesus, pray for them!

I often pray this prayer: Good Teacher, teach me.

I will keep your friend and yourself in my prayers.

God Bless you and much love and peace to you


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