Need to help my friend "find God"


I was hoping someone could help me! I have a friend who was baptized Lutheran as a baby, but was never really brought up in any faith. Her parents never really talked about God and she doesnt know really anything about God or Christianity, more less the Catholic Church. She doesnt know about Jesus, the Trinity, Mary…any of that.She is married to a non-practicing Catholic who doesnt really answer her questions. I need help in recommending a few books or tape sets for her.

She has on occasion asked me about God and about what I believe, but given her lack of background or knowledge of God or the Bible or any of faith, it is hard to know where to start.

She also has a background in science, so she has asked questions like “well how come when it gets down to creation the last word is always…well is all about faith” She says if we cant explain why God “is” or other things like creation or the likes, then how do we know that we were not just “brainwashed into believing in a God or religion” For example, the Muslims BELIEVE with all their heart that flying a plane into a building is what their god Allah wants them to do…they are brainwashed into believing this…how do Christians know they were not. We have the Bible, them the Koran…how do we know who is right is her thinking. I try to explain this, but with her not really believing in the Bible, since she is not sure she believes in a God, then where would I start?

She really wants to know I think. She has come to Church with us a couple times but is uncomfortable because she doesnt know what is going on.

She says she thinks she believes in a God, but is worried it may just be brainwashing I guess…I think she is truly struggling with this idea but has NO IDEA where to start…and I just fumble for words with her and may be doing more harm than good.

Can anyone help me with some ideas, maybe a good catholic book or two that would help her know who God is, and start to introduce her to God and Faith and Christianity?? Books, tapes, videos…any ideas would help!! I really want to help her since I feel that she does have a yearning to know.

Thank you so very much!
God Bless,

I would recommend C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. This is a short and highly readable work by an accomplished author (who happens to not even be Catholic - he was Anglican). It should be available for four bucks or so in just about any bookstore, or obviously online. It lays a logical foundation for theism in general and progresses to “mere” Christianity in particular (ie, a general belief in Jesus, but it does not approach theological differences bewteen Christian denominations).

It’s a great starting point…

Thank you David for your response, I bought the book and I am reading it first, and then I will give it to her. I feel like I should know what I am giving her to read!

I am hoping there are some others with some ideas too. Its a bit frustrating that it seems like I cannot get much response or advice on this subject. I have posted here and elsewhere before, and I only got one or two responses in any of them. I have to think someone has an idea or some more advice for me…I feel like I am failing my friend, and her soul is at stake in this. I keep trying to just go slow and try to explain things, but its soooo hard when she doesnt have any basic belief!

Someone recommeded College Apologetics to me, but she has an adversion to having any one denomination pushed at her at this point…so if it starts right off the bat heavily defending Catholicisim and is not more basic, its going to turn her off.

Thanks again for your help David, the book seems good so far!

God Bless,

Since she’s the scientific type, see if she can follow the logic at this link.

If she is as much of a doubting Thomas as you say, then have her read it first, but tell her you won’t reveal the author until after you discuss it. Then tell her it was written by Thomas Aquinas before he was considered a saint. :slight_smile:

On the positive, usually a person questioning is in the first stages of conversion. Don’t forget the power of prayer for her, too.

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