Need to know number of scripture quotes/citations in Catechism!

Does anyone know how many times the Catechism quotes or cites scripture? I tried googling it to no avail. Any help would be appreciated and I’ll give a special smilie emoticon to the first person who posts the number!

Lots? :D


I don't know about exact numbers but if you want I could do a statistical estimate.

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I don't know about exact numbers but if you want I could do a statistical estimate.


Please do!

Well I used excel to generate a random sample of 42 paragraphs from the catechism and using a confidence interval method known as the “Students T-distribution” found that with 95% confidence we can estimate that there are between 1220.785 and 2643.634 references to scripture in the catechism with the dead center of that distribution (or the average) being 1932.209.

This estimate only counted any individual citations of scripture as a single citation even if the citation reference more than one scripture (for instance if it referenced 2 gospels that shared a very similar story), however if the citations were separated in the paragraph then I counted them as new citations and thus some paragraphs had more than one citation while others had absolutely none.

Sadly it is hard to get much more accurate than this, even with a much larger sample size the statistics won’t really close in much due to the high degree of variance between individual paragraphs. Or simply put, the average difference between any given paragraphs number of citations is larger than the average number of verses cited in those paragraphs.

What we can take from this is that the catechism, on average, ranges somewhere between having 1 citation per paragraph and .5 citations per paragraph. It is probably closest to around 7 citations for every 10 paragraphs though.

Outstanding research! Thank you for taking the time to do that.

I just looked at the Scriptural Index of the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults, although I'm not sure thats the catechism you're referring to. Anyway, it has about sixty entries per page and covers about six and a half pages, for something thats looks to be just short of 400 entries.

I hope that helps!

Thanks, Ramalama!

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