Need to meet requirements to transfer


I am a sophomore in college. I’ve switched majors a lot of times, but now I’m trying to get back to music, as I was in last semester. Everything seems in place, but I’m really scared that I won’t meet the requirements.

I mean that, I transferred to physics, which I admit was one of the stupidest decisions of my life, and I am horrible at it. The more time goes on, the more I am discouraged. If I don’t get at least 2 .5, I apparently can’t get back into the music school, and I don’t know if they will make an exception. Also, I am afraid of what will happen to my academic scholarship. I got 4.0’s for the last two semesters, but I am doing horribly this semester.

On top of that, I just came down with pneumonia on Wednesday, and am still feeling rather horrible, and have been sleeping a lot. My finals start next week, but I just can’t study yet.

I’m horrified. If I can’t reach that requirement, I know I can’t survive another semester of this major. That would just drag me down even more. I feel like everything is against me.

Please pray that I can actually do decently on these exams and finals. I know I need to be in the music school, but this is my last obstacle.


You’re in my prayers, and I can sympathize. Being a freshman nursing major at my school is very difficult and competitive, because only the students with the top 1/3 GPA’s are allowed to move up to become sophomore nursing majors.

I really think that at a point it’s up to Jesus. You can’t control getting sick to a certain extent. You didn’t say," I’m gonna get phenemonia the week before finals!" Before my tests, I say," All right, Saint Anthony. I did what I could. Now it’s up to you." It’s pretty much all you can do.


Jesus please helpour anxious friend to accomplish what needs to be done in study for exams and in meeting requirements for the right course of study. Please encourage peace of mind so that this person is able to recover more quickly from ill-health and to make the best of the time before the exams.

I wish you peace, a positive outlook, and blessing on all aspects of your life God bless you…Trishie.


Praying very hard for your success in school and return to good health!


Thanks everyone. I’m back at school now (since Wednesday), and trying to fight through my finals. I’m just really scared, and can’t wait to go home next Wednesday. :crying:

I think I failed a physics exam today :eek:, though I wasn’t expecting much different. My best chance is to try to maintain a B in Chemistry, which thankfully I have a decent chance of getting at least a B-.

I’d rather play through my concerto than worry about all of this. :frowning: I only have a final tomorrow, though, some lab reports, and a physics final next Wednesday.

Sorry to post this, but needed to vent.


I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better if not fully recovered yet. Sympathetic that you are finding things stressful.
I hope and pray you can feel more confident and perfom more easily in your remaing exams and projects…and I pray that you will find yourself into a satisfying involvement in music, if possible, including as your major.


I am praying for you


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