Need to talk to a priest or someone

Could a priest possibly message me or someone else that is knowledgable in the sins sex, masturbation, etc.I don’t know if this is the right place to ask for something like this but it has to do with moral theology. I just wanted to have a private conversation with a priest or like i said anybody knowledgeable in those sins via email or thru the private messaging. So if some could tell me where this post should be or if someone could direct a priest to me it would be greatly appreciated.


You can find a priest on here, click on his name and message him.

Why not talk to your own priest? I assure you that in my dealings with priests so far I haven’t seen anything capable of shocking them when it comes to sex and related matters. Priests have heard it all and are not judgmental. They are there to help and to guide.

Click on Priests name to right


If you are too embarrased to talk to a priest that you know, you can call any local parish and make an appointment to talk with any priest that does not know you.

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