Need to voice some Opinions plzzz


Has anyone ever had this problem…I recently moved about an hour away from were i was…I tried 3 different churches and for some reason i dont feel comfortable in any of them… so my family and freinds call me crazy for driving an hour every sunday to go to the church that i grew up in… Has anyone ever done that or is it just me lol if you have did you addapt easily or was it tuff… thanks guys


It’s really hard to leave a parish community. :frowning:

But, unless there is some kind of liturgical abuse or bad catechetical teaching, I think it is better to go to a parish in your community.

In general, most people are called to serve first their families, then their neighbors, then to expand geographically.

If you have Christ Renews His Parish at any of the new Churches, that’s a nice way to meet people. Or, you can meet people in any ministry you are passionate about. Having your priest over to bless the new home is also a good way to make contact in the new parish


When I left the parish that I went through RCIA in due to a move I had a difficult time finding another one that I felt comfortable in, so I eventually stopped going altogether. BIG MISTAKE!!! It took a divorce (that probably wouldn’t have happened had I been going to Mass) and many more years until I was back in the fold. I realize now, after being at a few different parishes that there are differences, but some of them are wonderful. I think you should go for a month to each. I definitely think that one will eventually bring you a fulfillment that you know this is the one.

I would just be afraid that eventually that long drive will get to you and you may come up with a reason to skip a week, then another week, and before you know it, you’re not going. From my own experience, it’s a sure way to sin!

Good luck and God bless!



Well the drive it self doesn’t bother me, i drive an hour to go to work everyday so its the same difference…i tired 3 different parishes…i just used to go to my parish alone and feel comfortable praying there not because i know people there just because i’ve been there for more then 15 years.when i tried these new ones… they are beautiful and all but i just dont feel the same…


Of course you don’t feel the same. You don’t have a history with any of them yet. I bet if you make an effort to get involved at your (new) home parish, you will soon begin to feel at home there. Even if you don’t get involved in any particular ministry, just going to Mass every week and getting into the habit of praying at the new parish will help to foster a new sense of comfort there.

It is not weird or unusual to feel a little lost or uncomfortable when we have to make a change. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to go to your old parish, I think it would be better to start attending your current home parish.

To answer the 2nd part of your question, I was in a similar situation when I moved to South Florida. I moved here from Baltimore, so it was not as though I could continue to attend my previous parish!:smiley: It took me quite a while to feel comfortable in my new parish. I attended Mass at several within a few minutes drive of my new home, and none felt exactly like my old parish in Baltimore. Of course, now I miss my “new” parish (I’ve been here 5 years) whenever I travel. It just takes time. You will eventually realize you have a new level of comfort in your new home parish; you just have to let it develope.


I would continue to go to Sunday Mass at your old parish. Start slow. Try going to daily Mass at the new Churches. You can get to know people and begin to get a feel for the churches close to your new home. I would also stop in and do an hour of adoration once a week at one of the new parishes. Ask Jesus wear he would like you to be. You know that not going to Sunday Mass is a sin and you can’t skip. Once you get to know the new parishes, you will better know what Our Father is asking you to do.


Thanks guys but i think i tried it all lol i think im just going to keep going to my parish its just the joy i get after mass and how comfortable i am while praying there i just feel much closer to god Merry Christmas to all.


I now drive an hour to church every Sunday to get AWAY from the parish I grew up in. I live in the Detroit area, which is notorious for extremely liberal-minded priests. Three in my area (including the pastor of the church I grew up in) are as openly gay as you can get and still be a priest, and they practice and preach things that I know are contrary to Scripture.

However, I found a very nice place about an hour away in Troy, and the pastor there (Fr. John Riccardo) is very well known and well liked. Great guy.

So to answer your question, no, I see absolutely no problem driving an hour away to go to church, especially if it’s one you are comfortable in.


I had to adjust to my new Parish…I could not drive several hours each Sunday for Mass. I asked for the Holy Spirit to help me put my hand out and get involved. Today my new Parish is my HOME…you are in my prayers!


What about the issue of church involvement outside of going to weekly mass. I wouldn’t mind the hour long drive once a week, but it would certainly hinder my desire to contribute to my parish in other ways (like teaching CCD, singing in the choir, etc.)


I don’t blame you for wanting to stay in the parish that you grew up in and are comfortable in. If I could drive an hour to go to a good Mass, I would. Unfortunately I would have to drive at least two hours and that is not in the budget. I continue to go to the local parish but it feels like I do spiritual battle each time I go to the Mass. If it weren’t for the hours of adoration and listening to EWTN on my radio, I would not make it.


I drive an hour to get to a Novus Ordo Mass every single Sunday. As a matter of fact on Christmas Eve I spent four hours JUST in driving back and forth between Sunday Mass and Midnight Mass for Christmas. Well worth the trip.


Thanks guys make me feel much better… .I hope all has a great and Blesed New years :slight_smile:


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