Need Wedding Gift Ideas For My Sister


My sister is scheduled (again) to get married in less than a month. This will be the third engagement to the same fellow. I am unable to attend the wedding, and I have no idea what to get for her. She's been cohabiting with her fiance for nearly 4 years, so they already have most of what they need to make a home. They live in a very rural area, and spend a lot of their time/money on home improvements, pets, and vehicles (just wanted to mention that, because my husband and I lack the funds to buy them another kitchen, horse, or truck, so hobbies are kinda out :D ).

Every other wedding I've attended has been local, and I like to make a special kind of cookie for the couple, when they already have all of the house-stuff they need. The cookies are a childhood favorite of ours, so I know she would love them, but they're too fragile to be shipped.

Any ideas? I have a TON of baby shower ideas, but she isn't expecting yet. :p Thanks!


Some of my absolute favorite wedding gifts we received are some really nice metal serving spoons that were engraved with our names and the date of our wedding and terms of endearment from our friends. We use them on an almost daily basis. The other was a really nice metal colander that was not engraved but I have used everyday virtually of my married life.

It's nice to get an article that will be used constantly but is of high quality, something people would love to get from the specialist cook stores but don't usually buy for themselves. When it's metal it lasts forever and I think of the people who gave these items to us almost every time I use them.


It may not be the most expensive or neatest looking gift, but it certainly has been appreciated by the recipient! At Easter-time, I gave a subscription to “Magnificat” magazine to my new (adult) god-child. And every week he expresses thanks and gratitude. Makes me wish I had subscribed him for two or three years, instead of just one. :thumbsup:


That’s a really neat idea; we are always looking for extra serving spoons around here. :smiley: I’ll have to wait until after the wedding (just in case it gets canceled again :wink: ), but that’s okay.


That is a really good idea, too. I am totally ashamed that I forgot to mention that neither the bride or groom are Catholic. That’s kind of important information to have, I know…


A beautiful hard cover copy of the Catechism, and a nice copy of Three to Get Married by Fulton Sheen.

Then something like some really lovely monogrammed bed linens, something you know they would never buy for themselves.



One person buys a wine rack, and the rest of the family buys a nice bottle of wine for it.


[quote="Truly_Beloved, post:4, topic:195940"]
I am totally ashamed that I forgot to mention that neither the bride or groom are Catholic. That's kind of important information to have, I know....


Ah yeah - missed that. Well, stick with the bed linens then I guess.

Although the Sheen book might still be nice - you just never know.... ;)



Why not just give money?


I'll share one of my mom's good ideas with you. Whenever she's invited to a wedding, she gives the couple a nativity set. They come in so many styles, shapes and sizes (not to mention price ranges) and many households own more than one. You could even make one if you were so inclined.

It's a nice way to share the gift of Christianity without being in any way "preachy". My mom buys hers through our local Catholic bookstore so she's supporting them as a bonus.

Even if it's not the thing for your sister, I've always thought it was a lovely wedding gift idea.

All the best on your search.


Ooooooh, another good idea! Both of them have Christian leanings, even though neither are baptized.


If they have Christian leanings a beautiful Catholic family Bible would be a great gift.


I don’t think giving money is a good idea. Wedding is a special moment so I guess the gift should be special too. What about a photo painting for home decoration or etc.? My sister gave it for my wedding.


gift we gave for years was their invitation, decorated by a local artist with quilling, paper flowers and other crafted items, in a beautiful frame. That lady is dead now but those frames are still displayed in the homes of those who received them.


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