Need your advice re: Mormonism

My ex-wife and I were both Mormons. A couple of years after our divorce, my ex became Catholic. I remarried a Mormon, but then came to an understanding of Catholicism, and the errors in Mormonism.

My daughter (first marriage) became Catholic like her mother, but doesn’t attend. She is 16. She is coming over to visit me and my new wife in the USA. My ex-wife is asking me very strongly not to take my daughter to a Mormon church or any Mormon event (even a picnic in the park).

Whilst I do not agree with Mormonism, and indeed believe their distinctive doctrines to be wrong, I do not see the harm.

Any advice? Or am I just being weak and lacking faith and commitment to God if I believe Catholicism is Christ’s church.

Happy to accept all comments. This is causing such a problem in our family.

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I say, just spend quality time with your daughter, don’t need to take her to any Mormon place, especially since her mom dosen’t want it. You could take her to the beach or to a chapel or maybe you could chat. Whatever floats your boaty boat.

That is a matter between you, your ex, your daughter, and any legal considerations that my apply. I don’t see what anyone here should have to say about that.

I don’t understand your question. Why would you take her to a Mormon church if you don’t agree with it any more? That doesn’t make sense.:confused:

You lost me on the lacking faith part. :slight_smile:

If Mormon “stuff” is a part of your house and what you do, I wouldn’t go rearranging the world. But, letting your daughter stay home while the family goes to Mormon church on Sunday shouldn’t be that big of deal. If she wants to go then sure why not. But being 16, she might like the break where she gets some quiet time to herself.

And, she’s Catholic, not Mormon. She should be at Mass!

If your daughter is Catholic, there is no reason to bring her to a Mormon function. Since she is not practicing, her faith is probably not that strong, and you should not put her in a position where someone may plant incorrect ideas in her head, especially since you have already acknowledged you see the error in their teaching. Teenagers can be easily led astray, and there is no need to risk that! Even something as seemingly innocent to adults as a casual social gathering can be full of people evangelizing…

I’m assuming the only reason you would be going to a Mormon function would be because your wife wants you to - another reason to leave your daughter out of it, as that issue belongs between you and your wife. The way you presented it left me with the impression that your ex has primary custody, and as such your daughter does not need to be brought to your functions that her mother does not agree with.

Is it really so hard to say “you know what, you’re right” to your ex? Try it this time (especially since she is; you won’t even be lying!) and see what happens!

I think that says it all. :thumbsup:

thanks for the thoughts. We have joint custody, but my daughter lives with her mother. My current wife wants us to be together as a family on a Sunday and does not see the problem of her coming with us. Of course all our friends are mormons. My lack of faith comment in the original post referred to my not doing what I know is right.

Very very grateful to everyone


my wife and I have 3 other children, all under 5. So we just didn’t want to leave my 16 year old out. It just seems that we are leaving her out. This is a very strong point with my wife who comes from a close knit, though inactive Mormon family.

My ex believes that Mormonism is a sect and therefore should be avoided, even to the extent of my daughter not visiting me. We have have custody. Yes I have been a Mormon for over 20 years. I just don’t see the danger - maybe I am becoming blind to the obvious through wanting to keep my wife happy to the exclusion of doing what is right.

Thanks again everyone.


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