Need your advice regarding my vocation


I am applying for two convents outside my country, but now I am penniless.

What should I do? I am now jobless. If I wait until I find a job, and work for several months, time would be lost.

Can anyone give me a sound suggestion? Thanks.


I think working for a few months to earn your airfare is perfectly reasonable. If you have family or close friends maybe you could ask them to “pitch in” a small amount to assist your efforts?


Time won’t be lost if you work to obtain enough for travel expenses. It would be highly unlikely for the order to pay for it since they wouldn’t know if you’d be a “good fit.” Even then, they would want you to get there on your own. Get a job, and start saving up the money.

You haven’t said if you’ve heard back from either place. They may want you to do some more discernment on which one would be right for you. Talk to your priest and see if you can be set up with a spiritual director to help you here. Also, contact the vocations office at your diocese. Your priest should be able to tell you how to make contact.


If you truly need to work for several months, it will not be time lost of itself. I can, however, be time lovingly offered to God in pursuit of your vocation. God bless you!


Actually I am a late vocation, that’s why time is so restricted for me.

May be I should borrow some money from my parents or friends. :frowning:


If God is truly calling you to this vocation He will provide a way, but you must act as well. It may require some humility on your part, perhaps in asking your friends, or family. It may even require you to hold a job for awhile. It’s all in God’s hands, trust Him to lead the way. this way you are serving Him even before you go into religious life.


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