Need your help in keeping the 4th commandment over the weekend

Tomorrow I will be flying to Washington DC with my father to visit Catholic University of America. Please offer many prayers for my father and I. What can/should I do to help me not get upset at my father? When my father gets angry at me I feel and worry and scruple whether I have sinned. When do I know I have sinned on my part if my father gets angry? Please help me. This is not easy. The cross is very heavy. He doesn’t like how I take the faith seriously. If I were to ask him if I could go to confession he will get very angry at me, then I’ll really feel like I need to go to confession and worry. I don’t even know if I am detracting my father by typing these things. I don’t want to repeat what happened last time. I am terrified. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Also, what are examples of venial and mortal sins that go against the 4th commandment? How do I know if I have committed a grave sin against the 4th commandment?

Why would you even think of asking your father’s permission to go to Confession?

If you’re a minor who has no transport of your own to get there, for one example.

I used to feel guilty when my mother got mad at me, so I hear where you’re coming from.
But just because someone is angry at you doesn’t mean you’ve sinned, or done anything wrong, He may just be an angry person.
He is angered by your taking your faith seriously. That is sad, and you can pray that he will have a more open mind. If he acts angry at you, just try to be patient and pray for him. If you are irritated by it, that’s not a sin, it’s a temptation. As long as you remain respectful, you’re not sinning.
If you’re having problems with scrupulosity, your priest has probably advised you how often to go to Confession. I suggest you follow that advice, and not worry about going to Confession on a trip, unless you;re going to be gone for a month or so. If no one has suggested how often is recommended for you, perhaps discussing it with a priest would be a good idea.
There is no reason to be terrified. God is not lying in wait for you to slip up! He loves you and wants you to love and trust him.
Praying for you, that you have an enjoyable trip.

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