Need your opinion

4 years ago i bought a new computer to learn 3D software among other things, and i downloaded this software that costs over 3 thousand dollars which of course i can’t afford, this program is to make animations and ultimately to make money in the animation business with it, though i didn’t pay for it, i only use it to learn how to use it (very complex to learn) so i don’t make any money with it, i basically use it to practice and learn, yes, i obtained this software illegally over 4 years ago, but back then it was version 7 (which today does not even exist) and today it’s owned by a different company under version 11, it’s like trying to pay microsoft today for an illegal version of windows 95, it can’t be done.
So my question is:
Is it a mortal sin for me to keep using this software in the matter i just described? if it is, what should i do? should i just delete it? need your opinons, thanks.

Ask your priest.

On the face of it, a value such as $3,000 would fall into grave-matter territory; but only a priest can tell you if in fact you are in sin.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA.

If you stole a car four years ago, would it still be a stolen car today?

The best way to make this a legitimate purchase is to try and find someone who has the software today and buy their licence from them. Most software licences are transferable. If you post an ad on Craig’s List or on a user forum for a similar software and say that you are looking to purchase someones old licence then you can have a presumable legitimate copy.

You should still take this to your priest and make sure you confess it. If you feel comfortable, run the licence idea by him as well.

I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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