Need your prayers, again


Please, asking for prayers again. Feeling very very low right now. I need God’s clarity and direction with my marriage and my husband. The pain and sadness is all consuming.


:signofcross: Praying.


Please remember,41 will come.The Jews spent 40yrs.wondering in the desert,Noah spent 40 days and nights in the:ark as the flood waters pounded the ark,our Lord fasted 40 days and was temted by Satan.Hold On,41 will come.I am praying for you.


Glad to. “Merciful and gracious Father, shed your healing grace upon this marriage, which was accomplished in your sight, to keep it Holy. Implant within their minds a powerful reminder of the love they share, the vows they solemly made, and the one flesh they have become. Bless them as they ponder your immense love for them. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen”.

But, be prepared for whatever the Lord may subject you to in order to accomlish His purpose. Please remember that, in your lonliness and desolation, you are living in blessed imitation of Christ on the cross. No greater blessing may be had on this earth than to endure Christ-like suffering.

May His peace be with your spirit.


Dear, hold on… I promise that the daylight really will come… I’m 43 almost 44. We all have periods of anquish and depression over arguements, or actions of others… This too will be eased and all will become peaceful… Satan doesn’t go after what he already has… He goes after marriages that he doesn’t have… Hold on to yours and we will all pray for you.


Praying hard for you.



Praying for your family.


Lord, I lift up jules11 and her husband to You, and ask that You be the bond in their marriage. Send Your Holy Spirit to infiltrate this marriage. In Jesus name we pray.


Praying for you & your husband


Of course I will continue to pray for your marriage. The Lord Jesus is carrying you now Jules during this difficult time. I know you must wonder and ask yourself, “Do I stay in this marriage Lord, or leave?” That is a good question to ask Him and I know you are wanting an answer. Keep listening to Him in the quiet of your heart and He will let you know.

I was once in a workshop that had about 7 classes that taught one way to pray. I had to leave before I could finish the last few classes, but one of the ways they taught could work for you or give you peace. Before the Lord answers your prayer, you have to forgive those who have hurt you. One way they taught this was taking the time to write down all your hurts and how they hurt you. Take that letter and burn it and tell the Lord you forgive him or her. Once you have forgiven, you are ready for the prayer. First, you close your eyes and take a comfortable position. You take several deep breaths in and out. Than you take a phases, like “Jesus I love you” or “God, you are wonderful,” that you repeat over and over again. Some use a Bible verse. Anyway, when you are totally relaxed, you wait in silence to see what the Lord will tell you in your heart and soul about what you are wanting an answer to. If you get distracted by other thoughts, immediately repeat the phrase again and again while breathing in and out. Some play relaxing instrumental music in the background on low. This could help. With me at times I felt heaviness and warm all over and at times I could hear the Lord tell me something. Not all the time do you get a response and it takes practice to sit in silent waiting for the Lord. We live in a world that has noise everywhere and our minds wonder also. This is great while sitting before the Blessed Sacrament. Be patient and just try to relax.

Maybe the Lord will give you the answer to what His Will is for you now in your life.


Thank you to all of you wonderful people. Thank you. I feel the strength of your prayer in my life. Things are already better. Thank you, all of you. I don’t know what I’d do without you all.


I will keep you in my prayers Jules. Hang in there.




Hold on jules11, for He is with you. Remember what it was that brought y’all together, remember and see God’s love through each other.We too are here for you when you need us. i shall pray for you and your husband.

Chyna :signofcross:


Jules you replied to my thread on my husband leaving and I am praying for you as well. God needs to give us strength and I try to think of the “Footprints Poem” That the Lord is now carrying us through this difficult time. People have suggested the Retrouville weekend if you google it you can get the site. It is a weekend to help troubled marriages and allow spouses hope to help rebuild their lives together. I have suggested this and have all of the information they will email you a packet. I think this would help my marriage but my husband is not at that stage yet and I am not sure when he will be there. If he misses you then that is definitely a good thing and maybe then you can build from there. Have you tried any marriage counseling or individual. I am going to individual counseling with my church and also with my insurance this week. At least they are an unbiased party. Maybe my husband will agree to go with me, but we shall see. Keep your spirits high and look to the Lord. Let the Holy Spirit fill us with love and be better people and wives. People have recommended the book Proper Care and Feeding of your Husband I am going to get it and maybe tha may help. Right now I am pulling at strings seeing which one might work. Keep faith God Bless and I continue to pray for you.




Thanks again everyone…You are all such a comfort and God is SO good. I feel a lot of peace now. God never leaves me down for too long! Your prayers are so powerful. Thank you.


You are in my next rosary intention.


Giving thanks for your Peace of Soul and will keep your marriage and your husband in prayer…


Praying for you.


Thank you all. Please keep praying, we are going to talk tonight. I just hope we can get past our hurt to get somewhere.

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