Need your prayers and rosary for me and my new family


I am a male and live and work in Sydney Australia. I was married in the Church in a small island in the South Pacific. I recently divorced from years of violence from my partner of 12 years and I had suffered depression from it. My partner had remarried and I now have found a great partner myself and we also have our first child this year. Now - I have just moved to Sydney from New Zealand. My prayers and rosary had protected me up to now with no other family (or I wasnt allowed to see or call them at all) in NZ and Australia. My new partner is Mormon and Im a devout Catholic. I had explained to her about my beliefs and I have also told their missionaries to “not come back” to my house and my partner was happy that I told them that. My partner grew up in the Mormon church with her parents and I know they drill this into each one of their kids that they stay in the church. Their kids on the other hand do otherwise. I know my partner loves me so much and she has started to agree to some of the things (silently) that I say to her about leaving Mormonism and I say these things without hesitation or being scared because I want them out of this cult. My partners parents still try to get us to go to church each Sunday but Im starting to say no to this now. Now I pray and say my rosary each day on the train to and back from work to help me with where I am at the moment and to help save my partner and my son from this Mormonism influence.
My son has not been baptised in the Catholic church as of yet as I had not had the space to do this with a lot of influence from my partner’s parents to attend the Mormon church. I also would like to be able to talk to my family in Samoa and to help bring them to Australia so they are where I am as I have no other family here at the moment.

I would like to ask if you could help me with your prayers so I can save my partner from Mormonism and get my son to baptism and also for me to get my family to be where I am. To have all this done in worldly terms - I am trying to work and plan on moving my family to Australia all by my only job that I do at the moment as well as supporting and trying to settle my own family in our new place. With this - I have applied for work around here and with my prayers that I get one that can help me support myself and my partner and my son as well as my own family to be able to move to Australia.

I hope you remember me in your prayers and rosary and I pray for each one of yo u as well.

Thanks for your prayers
Sincerely - Palenapa Filipo


I place you and your family in all my rosaries for your intentions.
May God grant your prayers soon.


Hail Mary,
full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the Fruit Of Thy Womb,
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.




You are being included in my daily prayers said at the Mass, in my rosaries and at my adorations. I pray you and your wife can live a happy, holy life in Australia with the rest of your family. Peace and God bless!


Thank you for your prayers and my rosary and prayers for you as well.
Thank you very much
P Filipo


And my prayers and rosary for you all as well. Thank you so much




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