NEED your prayers!


I know there are lots of prayer warriors on these threads, and I could really use your prayers. I’m organizing a pro-life fair in my city, the 2nd Annual Reverence for Life Fair; it’s going to be this Friday, April 22nd, and I really hope everything, the speakers, the booths, the turnout, the media coverage, etc. goes well. There’s also going to be an assembly at my school with the pro-life speakers having a captive audience of over 400 young women.

I’m really stressing out right now, and it would be comforting knowing people had this event, the people who attend, etc. in their prayers.Last year we definitely changed a lot of hearts (as evidenced by the feedback surveys and hopefully a lot more people). Thank you so much! :blessyou:


God bless you ! I sure will pray. It’s great to hear from a young person that is involved in prolife issues!!


My son and I will pray tonight. :thumbsup:


I’ll pray too. God bless you.


I cried… how wonderful that you are doing this. You will surely have my prayers.



You’re doing wonderful work. I will definitely pray for you and all the young people involved.

God Bless


I am sure there are many who see your post and just pray without responding. That is what I wanted to do but then I realized that you might need the support. God Bless You


Thank you all soooo much! It means a lot! :blessyou: :blessyou:


That’s awesome! I’ll pray and I hope it goes really well. What an amazing thing to do! :clapping:


Good luck.


Wow! Thank you for taking action in such a dramatic way! My prayers are with you.


we’re praying. don’t worry.


started late, but praying hard now!


Praying now, please let us know how it goes…


Dear pro-life teen,

The Holy Spirit brought you to my mind today around 1:30 pm (US Eastern time) and I prayed for you then. I hope that all went well.

May God bless you and your efforts.


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