Need your views


hi all,

just need your views on my new site I am making. I don't know what direction I am going as I got the software free. Just building on little by little.

Your two cents would be helpful to chart a direction for me. The site is capable of dating, video chatting, music, youtube like interface, facebook connect, blogging, advertisements, store etc. Mostly, I wanted to gear it towards catholic family life.

I previously wanted to make money off it. Now the idea sucks as I feel it would wrong to make money on gods name and to trick people into paying for something. Eventually, I will give up the site good people, who won't charge anyone for anything. The site requires 15 $ a month in terms of bandwidth and space etc. I think if mod's can donate 1-2 $ and collect at least 15$ to run it, that will be great.

Even selling and advertisement should be free. I am going forward with gods calling and looking for place of solitude. So I won't be around for sometime.

Please feel free to contact me, if you are interested in being an administrator/moderator. As I said before, I am still trying to figure it out. Money makes people corrupt and the greed is our downfall. It takes time for trust to build and a second to destroy.

The site is

Your suggestions would be great..


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