Needle in a haystack


No clue on which forum to put this in so my apologies beforehand.

I’m looking for a post someone made a few weeks back or it might have been around Easter. It was a list of the growth in membership in the various Christian denominations. It had Catholicism and most of the primary Protestant denominations and showed by what percentage they gained or lost members for either 2006 or 2007. For the life of me I can’t find the original post, and can’t find a source for those numbers on the internet. I can’t even remember which forum it was located in. If anyone remembers or could link me to the original post or an outside link for similar information, I would be appreciative.



Hey BrownR,

Did ya try using the forum search feature yet?

I remember that post too, and I think it was in apologetics. try narrowing your search down to that first.


Is it this?


Yep, I sure did. I scoured through all types of posts but couldn’t find it. The strange thing was that I searched for various protestant denominations that should have been found in the post but it still didn’t show up anything, so maybe it was a post with an outside link to the information but I can’t remember.


Well crud…:shrug:


Nope, not that one. It was a breakdown of the Catholic Church and various Protestant denominations. The list might have been around 20 or more. It listed percentages in growth gained or lost. I can’t remember the title but it was something to the effect of “Something for Catholics to be happy about” or “Victor for the Catholics” or something to that effect but I’m probably way off. I want to say it was around Easter or it was at least updated with a new post around Easter. The more I think about things that I can’t remember, the more I convince myself of things that never happened!

The gist was that Catholics saw the most growth in new members this year or last year compared to all the other “traditions”.


Hey, thanks for trying though.


Aha, found the little bugger.


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