Negative Comments on Pop stars?


hi all:

Sometimes when i talked with people i know of i heard many people recall certain pop stars as 'gay'. But not just like a few times; these happen like repetitively for them. And the worst thing is, like literally almost most of my shcool said the same thing as well.

So i'm just wondering; As a Christian, should i just let this to happen? Afterall, the stars are in fact human, and no human beings would deserve to be talked about this way. I've kind of discussed this issue with my bro, who said that i should just leave it or else i'll be the person who will be called 'gay'.

i understand that the stars would've been prepared to be talked about negatively ever since they chose the career path. But should i let this keep happening?

thank you for the time for reading this - i know this is abit too long...sry

Thnx, Victasoft 8D:):):)


I agree with your general sentiment, that nobody should be slandered or maligned - even stars, politicians and others who are in public life. It's a very common thing. There seems to be the thought that there's an "open season" on all aspects of a person's life and personality if they are in public life.

We are all children of God, and deserve to be respected as such.

So, you are right not to participate in it. Whether you should make an objection is a different matter. I usually just allow people to see my non-participation, without making a point of it though.


I agree with Edmund. In this case Passive Aggression can be a positive thing. You can let others know how you feel without saying a word. God bless you.


So if i just not participate in the remarks it'll be ok? So this will not be like a sin?

thnx again :)


[quote="victasoft, post:4, topic:259783"]
So if i just not participate in the remarks it'll be ok? So this will not be like a sin?

thnx again :)


It depends on the situation. If they make a comment and laugh, and you don't laugh, then you have done enough. If it continues, then you can walk out, or maybe make a brief remark such as "give the guy a break".

As Philotheatoo said, Passive Aggression can be a positive thing! :)


ok thnx Ddmond and Philotheatoo for ur answers!! It’s been most helpful!!! :smiley:
If u guys come across any problems u r welcome to message me!!! :wink:


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