Negative shows on television

Kids Shows (PBS Between the lions,bob the builder and sesame street),when they see Elmo arguing with their friends someone will come along and say you shouldn’t fight and that you should all agree on something or you should share.

Adult Shows tend to have yelling,screaming people or arguements (murder shows etc.) and they don’t have the same friendly,sharing morals that the kids shows have. They have people that are not decent (kind and gentle and loving.)

Politicial shows have people who tend to say “my views the best” and they tend to put people down and are negative to very negative and it indules negative feelings in people and they should be more positive to both sides and its dangerous to god’s kingdom.

Nancy Grace for example always talks about murders or missing people and tends to be very negative. Jesus Christ said “fear is not of the Lord.”

Hannity on the Fox News tend to bash democrats and has very negative output.
We should all be positive,not negative. No wonder people are not happy.
Most shows tend to be negative.

There are christian movie reviews such as movieguide
There are christian tv show reviews such as pluggedinonline
But there are no christian reviews on political shows


There’s a reason why kids’ shows really are shows for kids and adult shows, are really shows for adults (and by this I am also including shows targeted to teens).

With all due respect, I don’t think it’s a good idea to imply that kids’ shows would make for better entertainment. Such shows really treat their audiences like children, and I’m personally not fond of being treated like a kid.

I agree! I have a three year old son and Elmo makes me want to do this:banghead:

I guess I don’t get what’s wrong with Sesame Street. Then again, it was way back in the late 70s and early 80s when I watched it (way before Elmo), and Romper Room, too. :slight_smile:

The shows are great. My kids have learned a lot, but the voice of Elmo really makes my eardrums want to pop! That’s all, just a personal thing:)

I think it’s human nature. How come we can remember the most horrible story someone tells us but can’t remember a really funny joke?

Though I doubt it’s really human nature but some people really have an alignment with what is “dark”…

I’m one of them by the way. (:<

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