Good Morning-
I did not know whether to post this under prayer intentions or here-but it’s a long story so I put it here.
I am an older parent to our youngest who is 7 so I have a little experience with things like this, but it is out of hand.
Our daughter waits for the school bus with neighbors. The dad of 2 kids her age is vwry very talkative, and you have to pull yourself away to leave after the kids get on the bus. He has been unemployed for almost a year and I have been praying for him. It seems less and less kids are taking the school bus at our stop as people have avoided him, - thought because he talks a lot, and shares a bit too much. Hubby told me not to be too friendly as hubby thinks the guy is just not right. Did I listen-no.
One of his daughters told my daughter on the bus(the daughter is mean spirited) that her dad thinks that my teeth are too white, I look fake, and that he did an internet search on our family. She told my daughter that he knows all our family who died and where we lived etc. We have nothing to hide but why would he do this, and why would he gossip about me to a 8year old daughter?
So now I have joined the rest and will be driving our daughter to school. My daughter was crying because the girl also told her to shut up etc, and was very mean.
My daughter goes to a different school, but they share the school bus. I feel resentment from this guy too.Please pray that I don’t encite this guy because he and his grils have upset my daughter and I don’t like the privacy invaision. Also pray for protection from gossip, and unkind thoughts. We are on his radar. If I told hubby, he would go over there and put him in his place, but it may get ugly, so I did not tell him.

Don’t care what others think about you, but be careful with your teeth because if it’s too white then the dentin is eroded which is naturally yellow, and your teeth may be weak

Thank you for your reply doglover2, I do not whighten my teeth they are just regular. I would never teach my children to comment on anyones appearance, and that’s what bothers me.
I feel vulnerable because this person is doing an internet search, and teaching his children to be mean to our daughter, and gossip.I think it’s way overboard to do this with a neighbor who just knows you from a school bus stop. We have nothing to hide, but it’s just weird to me. We are a nice quiet famiily, hubby is hardworking.
I want to not be in this persons attention because it is not postive.

First of all is that information about you and your family on the internet? Google yours and your husbands names and see what comes up…i only ask because you mentioned that the mans daughter is mean spirited and she may have been lying and saying that stuff to deliberately upset your daughter

mommyk said:

“If I told hubby, he would go over there and put him in his place, but it may get ugly, so I did not tell him.”

I would tell him (he should know in order to ensure your family’s security), but make sure you have a copy of “The Gift of Fear” and an hour or two to spend reading it.

Going over and putting the guy in his place is a really, really bad idea, but I also think you need to keep your husband fully informed as to threats to your family’s welfare. Are your locks good and are you happy with your home security? Have you trained the kids not to open the door to anybody but yourselves (or grandma or grandpa or whoever), and particularly not these neighbors? This is exactly the sort of situation where talk about “stranger danger” lets parents down, because this is a person your kids know.

I think it’s not unlikely that the stuff the daughter was saying was at least partly true, as you said that he’s an oversharer.

Best wishes!

:gopray: St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou oh prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

They say that idle hands are the devil’s playthings. It sounds like that man has too much idle time if he’s doing internet searches on his neighbors. Creepy.

As to your teeth :D…, if it bothers you that they are so white, you could drink more coffee and tea. :coffee: :wink:

Your neighbor appears to be bored. Every neighborhood has at least one person that others avoid as a Good Morning always turns into a long drawn out conversation. He obviously thinks you are nice, perhaps envious a little, so he had to point out a imperfection. That your teeth appear too white to him is actually a compliment. No harm in looking up others on the net, sharing the info with his daughter questions his maturity.

The good result is that you are now spending more time with your daughter, let her know that you find this a positive experience.

Trust in The Lord . God bless you and your family.

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