Neighbors Say Planned Parenthood’s Billboard Goes Too Far


(Memphis) A Planned Parenthood billboard has only been up a week in one South Memphis neighborhood, but some people there already want it to come down.


“We want to promote healthy relationships.”

Say what?


Another board close by should say, “It always has been. So are STD’s and unwanted pregnancies.”

Or, “Jesus has always been free.”


That is a line the President is using about “promoting healthy relationships…” It is a bit difficult to mention “healthy relationships” in the same breath as killing innocent children!:confused:


Especially considering, PP promotes sexual activity for people who are HIV positive and tell them, they don’t have to tell their partners their status.


PP has the right to expose children to a graphic message because they see graphic messages elsewhere…really? ALL children see graphic messages on t.v. and online?

I agree, most do, but I know families who work very hard to to make sure this does not happen. No t.v., no cable, no internet…it may sound hard to believe but these families do exist.

What a ridiculous statement. :mad:


People complain about the billboard yet the PP in that area has given out 110,000 free condoms in one year.

So basically “give us our free condoms but don’t let people know about it”?

Bit of hypocrisy on the critics part I think.


Decency standards are not allowed in Memphis? I suppose a billboard of a dog “getting it on” would also be allowed for everyone to continuously see driving by. How nice; Memphis really wants to draw tourism? When Planned Parenthood’s money talks - some people will do anything. Evidence: White House current resident.


I know they mean it in a different sense, but a truly “healthy relationship” isn’t based on “getting it on”. Maybe more thought ought to be given to that


Yes, you hit the nail on the head.

Advertise in a discreet fashion. What is wrong with that - it has been done that way for years.


I really hope they aren’t still using tax dollars. They are a very biased group.

Preventing HIV and STDs is best done with abstinence. Condoms can fail. Abstinence can’t.


So right. And PP gets a big wad of money from the government every year. Shameful.


There are over 650,000 people in Memphis. 110,000 is only 16% of that. So at most, 16% of the population of Memphis has accepted free condoms from Planned Parenthood. But I think we can safely assume that many of those 110,000 were distributed in bulk and that there were probably many repeat customers which would bring the figure of 16% down significantly, if not drastically.

So based on what do you draw the conclusion that those criticizing this billboard are among that minority who have taken them?

Would you also say that Catholics are hypocritical for opposing gay marriage when 50% of the people in their parish support it?


Planned Parenthood said it wanted its billboards to be edgy so people would remember them.

“A condom is not an explicit image it’s just a piece of latex and children see explicit images all the time on the internet, in commercials and in the movies. We are trying to promote healthy relationships and *]save lives *],” said Ashley Coffield, CEO of Planned Parenthood Memphis.

This is just about the most disingenuous things I ever read…


A lack of understanding statistics I think.



They do some good for like, breast cancer screenings, abortion is only 3% of what they do and stuff, but the organization itself is kinda whack. :frowning:


That’s a “graphic” photo?
Goodness! I thought we were going to see naked people having sex or something!

Almost every car ad, blue jeans ad, beer ad, designer clothing ad, watch ad, underwear ad…etc, etc…that you see on a billboard or TV is waaaayyy more graphic than this!



There’s been more graphic images on an episode of Sesame Street.



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