Neil Macdonald: U.S. media complicit in Obama's drone doctrine

For the record, the CBC is about as left wing as Huff Po or the New York Times. This is stunning for them to publish this.

CBC sports has been decent, I hope the sports writers don’t generally mirror liberal bias as some say it does here in the US.

From the story:

U.S. media outlets, it seems, are perfectly comfortable with the term “targeted killing,” now that it is a major tool for the Pentagon and CIA.

It’s also clear American media outlets are comfortable suppressing news the government does not want published. Today’s story reveals not just that the Americans have operated a secret drone base for years in Saudi Arabia, but that the Post, along with various other news organizations, have been keeping that fact to themselves at the government’s request.

Yes, this is true, that is the Mainstream Media.

So, I have heard Rachel Maddow has been critical of the Drone policy.

It’s not stunning to those who read them regularly. The drone doctrine is extremely unpopular with many people who voted for the President.

People can vehemently disagree with some things a person does and agree with other things a person does.


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