Nelson Mandela: How US conservatives viewed him then – and now

Truly a great man. Perfect? No. But nonetheless a great man. :slight_smile:

Well said. Like all human heroes, he was fallible, but he did stand up for a noble cause. :thumbsup:

From The Archbishop of Johannesburg:

“Fifteen years have passed since abortion on demand was legalized in South Africa. Since then, it is estimated that over one million unborn children were denied the most fundamental of rights, the right to life”, said a statement on behalf of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC), signed by Archbishop Buti Tlhagale, Archbishop of Johannesburg and President of the SACBC. “We remember those one million unborn babies. We regret that those children of God were denied the right to be born into God’s world and to enrich it with their own unique gifts and talents. We will never fully realize what we have missed because the law says that ‘abortion is fine’,” said the statement sent to Fides.

Nelson Mandela removed the prohibition to abortion in S. Africa. Pretty much sums it up.

Check this out.

But did the ends justify the means?

Excatly, he had the moral benefit of departing from his terrorist past, but his legacy will forever be stained by the ongoing war against African children that he forever advocated for.

The blood of a million children is on his hands.

I thought of several responses to your post, and for obvious reasons discarded most of them. Perhaps I can try to be like Mandela and forgive that chorus of voices who will not restrain their criticism or modulate its tenor because of some urgent, immediate need to broadcast this heroic leader’s perceived/reported failings to the world…The peace of Christ be with you.

Here is a blog commentary where both Nelson Mandela and Rick Santorum are brought up.

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