Neo Catechumenal Way coming to our parish?

There is a possiblity that the Neo Catechumenal Way may be coming to our parish. I want to find out what they are about. Right now I guess I don’t understand why they would be needed especially in a parish that is already trying to find space as we have too many ministries as it is for the space that we have. However I want to be fair about this.

What can you tell me about them? The good…and the bad. Why would they be used in a parish setting? I know the Pope has approved them but I just don’t understand them all that much…even from their website. Any help and personal experiences you could give me would be much appreciated.

It is a “post baptismal Catechumenate” …Not being a member I can only tell you what I have read…

This should help:

Approval of their Statutes:…ge=statuto08_1…lt.asp?lang=en

It is a “post baptismal Catechumenate” …Not being a member I can only tell you what I have read on their status (approved)…

This should help:

I don’t have time to find sources right now, but they are an odd sort of group… They are technically approved, but their liturgies have been “corrected” a few times, and they haven’t exactly been receptive to that. They still maintain some very odd liturgical practices.

So, though they are approved, and I’m sure most people involved are fine people, I would be cautious if I found out they were attempting to come into my parish.

read the links above.

I’m sorry. Their liturgies have been “corrected” many times. They do things like not using altars in churches, but instead setting up tables and everyone sits around them. I’m not sure if they do this anymore, but they would use a big loaf of leavened bread and break off bits to pass during communion. And some other things. In fact, tomorrow, the Pope is receiving the “leaders” in a private audience, and the blogosphere thinks it’s about discussing their liturgies.

What if it would not involve the Mass? We only have one priest and there is no way that he would ever change or disrespect the Mass like that. Right now the board says that the group would meet on Wed nights and Sunday mornings…like any other group. I can’t imagine that there is a priest in the area that would be involved in just that…

Yes they still set up tables, then the priest distribute the communion which everyone recieve standing but no one eats it before everybody has a piece of the bread, then everybody eats it toghether
and then the chalice is passed around, i heard it is about their liturgies that the Pope wants to see them.

One needs to look to the Holy See (see the various approved documents …Pope Benedict XVI) --whatever they are approved to do liturgically is well what they are approved to do liturgically. Such would not be thus any disrespect.

[quote=anjoh66;8845351 i heard it is about their liturgies that the Pope wants to see them.

We shall have “wait” and see what is (leaving speculation aside).

They always celebrate their eucharistic service, as they call it, on saturday evenings, probably they have their own priest.

The meeting on wednesdays and sunday mornings is probably catechesis.

BTW they use a lot of guitarrs in their service and the priest use to sing the gospel accompanied by drums and guitarrs.

Look at this video:

Is it speculation enough if i tell you that the one who told me is a missionary priest from them and he will participate in that meeting in Rome?

Im quite sure he knows why he is there in Rome and what will be discussed, it doent mean it will bring out any changes but it is about the liturgy, thats for sure.

Yes, they actively refuse to have Sunday mass on Sunday. They do not do the Orate Fratres, because it mentions sacrifice. I can’t remember most of the other stuff.

I have heard from people in other parishes that NCW likes to go and overtake parishes.

Although I have never experienced their liturgies or other parts of their “way” I have heard that as well. They take over a parish and change everything. There will be NCW priests assigned. I also know that they actively recruit by advertising in local newspapers. if you see an ad that says something like “Do you want to know Jesus?”…it’s probably them. They want folks to go to the meetings and join the NCW.
Personally I would make a big objection and let my voice be heard but it probably will do no good.
Also, don’t get them confused with a progressive parish…they are not progressive,nor traditional…just different.

Naaa i dont think they do that, it is the bishop who appoints priests, how can they take over a parish and appoint their own priests?

It is more likely that they will operate in the parish but they use to have their own places, a house of missio ad gentes.


I am not a fan of the Way but you are mistaken here.

Saturday Evening is liturgically Sunday, so they actively celebrate the Sunday Mass on Sunday as allowed by the Church.

No, I’m not. They refuse to celebrate Sunday mass on what is, planetarily, Sunday. While they technically can’t be called out for that, since it is liturgically Sunday, doesn’t that seem a bit ridiculous? That would be like refusing to celebrate mass on Wednesday, just because. No scheduling problems, nothing, just refusing to do it. It begs, why?

You are mistaken. I am not a member of the Way but I have several family members who are and I’ve been on various trips with them, including WYD in Germany. They do, in fact, celebrate Mass on Sundays because they did when I was there.

They also have full approval from the Vatican and I heard the leaders with my own ears many times say that they will obey whatever decision the Church makes regarding their status or liturgy.

They also will not go into a parish unless they are invited by the pastor. They don’t just come in and “take over”. They only come if invited. And they leave when asked to (I’m a personal witness to that too)

I’m not promoting them one way or another…but I don’t think it’s fair or helpful to anybody to spread gossip or mis-information.

Well, as it stands, neither of us are credible.

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