Neoreactionary / alt-right

Is the neoreactionary / alt-right worldview compatible with the Church teaching? I find its tenets despicable, but many of them claim to be Catholics.

Their cult of machismo doesn’t look much like Jesus-like meekness, and their praise of ethnic identity isn’t compatible with the universal nature of Catholicism. They also appeal to evolutionary psychology, how can one reconcile that with immortal soul?


Like so many labels that get flung around these days, there is no precise definition .

It simply means whatever the speaker wants it to mean in the moment.


You took the words right out of my fingers.



I’m not sure I know what these terms mean, or wish to know.

You have just given at least two reasons to ignore such people. Yes, ignore. To arguing with such people wouldn’t be productive and may be spiritually harmful to you.

I said two reasons because I haven’t totally discounted evolutionary psychology. If evolution is the means by which God created the human brain and predisposed it to faith, hope, and love, then praise be given!

I shouldn’t be surprised, however, if some people are posing it against faith, that is, molding evolutionary psychology and conflating it with atheistic ideas to suit their purpose.


Reminds me of an old aphorism: Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it (credited, in a slightly different form, to George Bernard Shaw). Also part of it brings to mind: Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

It just occurred to me to wonder why two of my favorite sayings involve pigs…


OP, why don’t you give a specific example of an “alt right position “, and then we can compare it to Catholic teaching.

Also, you are aware that you can like some claims and goals of an organization, but reject others?


If you don’t mind me answering your question, the alt-right view is what I see on various boards like 4chan or its descendant boards.

The denizens of that board claim that ethnic homogeneity is key to a successful society, like the Nordic countries or like Korea and Japan.

Women are better off functioning solely within the domestic sphere.

There are some white supremacists in there but they aren’t the majority.

That’s what I can glean from these boards.

Oh and by the way, a huge percentage of them are very anti-Catholic.


What do you mean by Alt Right? I live in a country with a centre right president, that the media thinks is far right, for whatever reason. Is there an alt left? Because the mainstream left doesn’t even consider being called “socialist” as an insult anymore. You need to define what you mean when you ask these questions. Like the debate moderator that thinks Afro-Cubans are White supremacists, if you don’t tell us what you mean, it makes it very hard to answer.


Thank you.

That’s where I was getting confused by the OP

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To me this is one of the differences between being a Christian and being a Catholic. I can’t look at someone and tell if they’re a Catholic, but I can tell if they’re a Christian.

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."

For me, I don’t care whether someone is a Catholic, or a Muslim, or a Jew, or an agnostic, or an atheist, if they love their neighbor then I will gladly count them as a Christian. To me, the world has more than enough Catholics, what it needs is more Christians.

Catholics are absolutely Christian, and it’s apparent by the fruits of the Catholic Church.

Now, the Westboro Baptists claim to be Christian too. You gonna give them a pass just because it’s in the name?


There are people who have loved their neighbors and also killed others. Are they Christian?

Can’t have Christians without Catholics.


Would you please define “Christian”?


There’s no barrier to Catholics being Christians, just as there’s no barrier to Muslims loving their neighbor. But as for the fruits of the Catholic Church, with that one I’d have to totally disagree. I don’t think that you can love one person while persecuting another and still be considered Christian.

And you think that the Catholic Church hasn’t been guilty of worse?

Of course I’m not going to give them a pass, but neither will I give your beloved Catholic Church a pass either.

This is a difficult question. Life, isn’t fair. It isn’t kind. It isn’t really all that forgiving, and sometimes people are required to make choices, between that which their very souls wish that they didn’t have to do, and that which their love compels them to do. I can’t always judge the hearts of others by one act, but rather it’s the totality of what a person does that speaks to whether they’re a Christian.

Citation needed.

Ah, so ANY church can have its problems with individuals? :wink:

Then it doesn’t look like you can give anyone a pass on the logical grounds you’re trying to establish. Back to square 1.

Then afford that total view to the Catholic Church as well; otherwise, your statements are extremely hypocritical.

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I, and I think God, would disagree.

God doesn’t disagree; Jesus instituted the Catholic Church first, and didn’t ask for folks to split off of it.

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