NEPAL - A Hindu "living goddess" chooses to study with Catholics [AN]

Samita Bajracharya has spent the last few years as “Kumari” or “living goddess”, the incarnation of Kali worshiped by both Hindus and Buddhists. After her “divine” period, she chose to enrol in the St Francis Xavier Catholic School. “I am still a Hindu,” she told AsiaNews, “but I received solidarity and respect from Catholics.”


How does this rate as Catholic news? I went to a Catholic school with a Jewish girl. Many people choose Catholic schools who are not Catholic. As far as this poor child being considered a goddess and now is no longer one because she had her menstrual period;What can I say but" oy vey"!.

“Kumari” is a highly revered institution in Nepal. Recognised as the incarnation of the deity around five years of age, girls live their pre-pubescent period at home under complex rules.

Kumari, I know someone from Nepal. I should at least ask them about this word in case he knows it.

An interesting article really.

I suppose interesting in the sense that in this modern tehnological age people still have unusual superstitions.There are millions of people also who actually believe they have some sort of extra eye in their brain.I think this is just what is called “the minds eye” or intuition.

I think google gives a pretty good definition.Kumari are young prepubescent girls who are worshipped as incarnations of a female god.

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