Nepal devotees sacrifice thousands of animals in Hindu ritual


Sword-wielding Hindu devotees in Nepal began slaughtering thousands of animals and birds in a ritual sacrifice on Friday, ignoring calls by animal rights activists to halt what they described as the world’s largest such exercise.

More than 80 percent of Nepal’s 27 million people are Hindus, but unlike most of their counterparts in neighboring India, they frequently sacrifice animals to appease deities during festivals.


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This year, however, the meat company cancelled the contract due to the low animal numbers, so the buffalo carcasses have been left rotting in the festival arena and the temple has been unable to profit.

Various pictures on the web show the animals being beheaded.
Remembering beheaded Christian and ‘infidels’ at the hands of ISIS
Beheading of sacrificial animals…left to rot into the ground.
2014 won’t be one to forget anytime soon.


So are you comparing the victims of ISIS to animals, or Hindus to Islamic extremists?


Yes and no

Naturally, I am horrified by the animal butchery.
I could not help but remember the horrific pictures of Islamic extremists killing people when I saw the Nepal photos and videos.
Animals are animals and people are people yet nonsensical killing in the name of religion all seems the same. There is a parallel I could not ignore when I saw the field of beheaded buffalo and the men in action of beheading.
Men beheading men.
Men beheading animals…emphasized the savagery of the ISIS videos we have all seen.




That too.

So much can be said.

So many angles to approach this I don’t know where to start.


This is bad, so I think there are a lot of different religions that fall under Hinduism, I thought a lot of them consider Cows sacred, no beef ever and many are vegetarians or they will eat chicken for example.


That is what I thought. This must be a different sect. A very large sect.

View a video of a Hindu slicing off the head of a sacrificed Buffalo
View a video of an Islamic slicing off the head of an innocent man.
The savage motion is the same.
It is startling to consider how some have no value for life.
We, the people…
that live and breath the same air in all of God’s creation….
We breath the same air.
We enjoy the same sunlight.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’
But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you,
that you may be children of your heavenly Father, for he makes his sun rise on the bad and the good, and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust. Matthew 5:43-45


I read into your original comment something that clearly was not there. I apologize for doing so.


No need to apologize.
I understand that threads posted are expected to have a common idea/argument. This news story conjures up so many thoughts…really anything angle is acceptable. I can’t and won’t hold anyone to sticking to my angle on this.


What an absolute waste when there own countrymen starve. People go to see this? :eek:


Lots of fish gets eaten on Fridays.

Lots of turkeys are slaughtered at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And all the little haggises that are shot for Robbie Burns day.:frowning:


What have God’s creatures done to deserve such cruelty at the hand of man? :bighanky:


I realize that Jewish tradition used to include the sacrificing of an animal to repent for sins, but what is described is wasteful because they are not consuming the meat (or burning it completely to offer it to God). Decaying carcasses in the street is a bad idea for many reasons. A little forethought and they could have sacrificed the animals and given away the meat to the hungry. I don’t pretend to understand another’s religion, but if they aren’t eating it, perhaps it could be used by somebody.


The first two animals are consumed by humans. Don’t know what’s going on with the haggises. What is that? Thought haggis was some kind of sausage Scots eat.

I’m not against hunting either as long as you track the injured animal down rather than let it suffer, kill it and take the meat. Either one eats the meat or gives it away to a shelter or to someone who likes the meat. Otherwise, if you are just going for the rack, stay home.

The slaughter and rot of 500,000 buffalo is a waste.


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