NEPAL - Diarrhoea epidemic hits western Nepal. More than 200 dead [AN]

Nepalese government unprepared for disasters. Lacking adequate medicines and prevention plan. Most young people are fleeing from the villages for fear of contagion.


For his part, the Secretary of the Ministry for Health, Dirge Bum Singh says that “the Ministry is monitoring the area but it will take several days to control the spread of the epidemic because of thr poor hygienic conditions in which people live”

This indicates that the epidemic is an inevitable result of poor public sanitation, I would guess the lack of access to clean drinking water.

Despite the fact that the first deaths occurred about three months ago, the government is only now intervening to stop the spread of the epidemic to the rest of the country.

Hmmm… if the government knows that epidemics are unavoidable, it seems they should have been quicker to make sure medicine was available to the affected areas.

This is something that the world should be helping with via it’s agencies. People need basic things like clean water and good nutritition to survive. The world can help provide for this, but are they willing? More reasons to pray.

Glad you don’t have to fear this in YOUR US neighborhood?

Forget doctors, thank a civil engineer today!

Civil Engineering: the FOURTH oldest profession… :smiley:

Self serving rant: Who do doctors who protect public health one by one get paid well into six figures, but engineers who protect public health by the tens of thousands at a time get paid less than half… Better PR.

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