NEPAL - Massive quake forced Nepal’s “living goddess” out of her home and into the streets [AN]

Dhana Kumari Bajracharya, 63, is s “retired” reincarnation of the Hindu goddess Taleju Bhawani. She was enthroned in 1954 when she was two years old. Her niece Chanira was chosen as Kumari in 2001.


Fascinating. I’d like to know more about it. I wonder if there are boys who are similarly…enthroned…installed…whatever the word is.

I’ve always wondered if those people actually believe this nonsense or (like the ancient Romans) they just accept it with a wink and a nod.

My thoughts exactly.

I’ve read about these young virgins on Easter Island who
spend their lives in underground caves so that they will
be Pure and White for sacrifice to their gods!!

You mean nonsense like the man who parted the Red Sea? Or nonsense like the man who turned water into wine? How about the nonsense that a few loaves and fishes fed 5,000 people?

As a Catholic, will you compare the actions of Our Lord, done as signs to His authority as God’s only begotten Son, to that of ancient paganism? I am baffled that you would even compare the two.

I’m baffled that someone would see any sort of reason at all to refer to an entire culture’s religious faith as nonsense. :takeoff:

Really? Reincarnation? I can respect the people and I can respect their cultural beliefs but to believe in the reincarnation of a hindu goddess is nonsense, just as much as anyone today who would have a serious religious devotion to Athena.

And quite frankly, I do think that even the people themselves are probably more than a little dubious to the reality of their religion.


I don’t belittle anyone’s faith. You should be ashamed of yourself.

The Catholic Church respects different faiths that contain or pursue certain elements of Truth as they know and understand it (you do agree that the Catholic Church contains the fullness of Truth, don’t you?). Pagan beliefs, such as believing that one is a reincarnated “goddess” do not contain elements of truth and are contrary to the fundamental beliefs and teachings of the Church. While I can respect a person’s cultural heritage and their clinging to their cultural traditions and beliefs, I can still dismiss those elements that defy or are diametrically opposed to the teachings, beliefs and practices of the Church. Are you as accepting when heretical “Christians” tells us that Jesus was just a wise teacher, that he was married and had children, that His declaration that “this is my body” is just symbolic and that the resurrection isn’t meant to be taken literally? Or what about the latest that Jesus was simply make up by Roman aristocrats? Do you seriously respect a Mormons position that Jesus was just a man that made himself a god and that we can do the same, too? Pope John Paul II angered a Buddhist delegation when he said that instead of simply accepting suffering as part of life, they should do something to help alleviate it. Basically, he belittled their faith.

BTW, I’m certainly not ashamed of myself for something so trivial and insignificant as calling the belief of being a reincarnated goddess “nonsense.” I do not believe in the modern liberal concept all of thoughts, practices and beliefs as being equally valid, no matter how far out they become. Isn’t the notion of “gay” marriage nonsense?

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