Nepal To Stage Gay Weddings On Mt. Everest

Nepal is set to stage same-sex weddings on Mount Everest as part of a bid to promote the country as the *homosexual tourism capital of Asia. *

Nepal’s homosexual community, which is led by Asia’s only openly gay member of parliament, will next month host a tourism conference to explore how to attract wealthy gay visitors to boost the country’s war-ravaged economy.

The country’s new constitution will legalise homosexual marriage in May this year, when “Pink Mountain” will begin offering luxury honeymoon and wedding packages

Sunil Babu Pant, a Communist legislator and leader of the country’s homosexual rights movement, has launched a travel company dedicated to promoting the former Hindu kingdom to gay tourists in an effort to tap the so-called “Pink Pound” and dollar.

The company will offer elephant-back bridal processions, Everest base camp ceremonies and weddings in remote Tibetan enclaves in the Himalayan republic.

If you have read anything about Mt. Everest, you will be acquainted with “Goddess Chomolungma” and how this “mother goddess” forbid sexual relations even heterosexual ones on Mt. Everest as the mountain was “sacred”.

If the Hindu religious see no problem with Pink Mountain, how about the Dalai Lama?:shrug:

I just have to wonder one thing:


Apparently Nepal is desperate for tourist dollars.

[quote=the article]Mr Pant is hoping to build on the government’s new determination to maximise income from tourism by targeting all potential markets.

Mr Pant has said if Nepal can attract ten per cent of the world’s gay tourists, its economy would receive a significant boost.

"Most Asian countries don’t welcome gay visitors, so we can have the maximum benefit for the Nepal economy which is fragile after years of war.

Nepal is a very poor country, but a very beautiful one. Unfortunately, it had a long running Maoist insurgency which deterred some tourists in the past.

Are they going to have pink snow?

Snow Sodomy.

Alpine AIDS.

Wonder whether Red China will eventually annex it on some trumped up pretext.

This new idea might deter some tourists in the future.

Alpine AIDS.

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Apparently Nepal is desperate for tourist dollars.

The authorities believe gay tourists generally tend to spend more than backpackers who prefer cheap tours.
“They do have a lot of income … they are high-spending consumers.* If they behave well, if they have money, we don’t discriminate,” the Sun quoted Aditya Baral, spokesman for the Nepal Tourism Board, as saying.

He added: “With that, money will come here and jobs will be created.”

Sadly this is what happens when “real jobs” are not create through enterprising ways; the government then settles for whatever brings in the money with little regard on how it affects community.

If they really mean “on Mt. Everest.” there’ll be few weddings of any sort there as the efforts to climb the mountain require nearly superhuman resolve.

My wife and I were to Katmandu and the surrounding towns twice when we were stationed in Bangkok. The country is lovely, Katmandu amazing. I wish we could revist Thailand and Nepal.

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