Nephews in Iraq


Please keep in your prayers my nephew Paul who left this morning for Iraq with 1st Cav.

Also, my nephew Kyle, an Air Force nurse, who is scheduled to leave Iraq Jan. 29.


I ask the Lord to keep your nephews Paul and Kyle protected in every way during their service in Iraq. We will keep them in our prayers. I ask the Lord to reassure and bless their families.


Praying for your nephews. May God keep them safe.


Loving God,

We thank you for your many blessings and the beauty of your world. We thank you for Your son Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us. Help us always to respond to your call and to love your people in accordance with your Holy will.

We lift up Paul and Kyle today, we ask for your blessing and your grace in caring for them as they enter a very difficult situation far from home. Please keep them safe in mind, body, and soul and strengthen them for the road ahead. Please also support and care for their families who love them so much and will miss them and be worried about them in Iraq. Please grant your special blessings to their work and the manner in which they carry it our and help them to see the beauty and face of Christ in the people they meet in Iraq.

We are all your people, created in your image, and we pray in the name of your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.



Praying very hard for their safety and the safety of all of our troops!


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