Nephew's newborn son is in ICU


Sweet baby was born early. His lungs are still developing.

Please pray for him.

Please pray for our nephew and his wife, as they go through this time.

Thank you.


Hi Dana, My grandson was born March 25 at just 26 weeks gestation. He wasn’t due until June 22. His lowest weight was 1 lb. and 15 oz. Through prayer he finally left the Neonatal ICU in June and now at 5 months old he weighs 10 lbs 7 oz. GOD DOES WORK MIRACLES!! I will pray for this little one and his family.


Praying for the baby and his parents. :gopray2:


Praying for the newborn and his parents!

~~ the phoenix


May this tiny baby grow strong and his parents be comforted by the prayers I offer on their behalf. Hugs and prayers to all.


Will pray for the baby and mom and dad with my night prayers


Keeping babe and all in prayer…


Prayers for the precious baby, all his loved ones and all those looking after him.


In my prayers


Praying for the baby and his family…


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