Nervous about effects of sickness on unborn baby


So, I am about 10 weeks along in my pregnancy and yesterday I broke out in hives. I have no idea what could have cause this, but they’re miserable. They are everywhere! On my eyelids, on my ears and lips. My hands feel like they’ve been burned anytime I move them a little bit. I even have them on the bottom of my feet so it’s painful to walk. The emergency room doctor said that the most common cause are food and skin allergies, but I have no known allergies and I haven’t eaten or touched anything new. Anyway, the normal course of treatment would be steroids, but they can’t give those to a pregnant lady. They did give me an antihistamine, but I think that just made the hives angry. They’re actually getting worse and not better. I’ve got to call my OBGYN on Monday and see if he’ll see me and if there’s anything else I can do, but what I’m most worried about is my unborn baby. Since we don’t know what caused the hives, we don’t know if it could be dangerous to the baby. The doctor say it wasn’t typical for the things that cause hives to harm to pregnancies, but that doesn’t mean it can’t! Does anyone know of a good prayer for expectant mothers who are worrying about their baby? I don’t think the stress is improving the situation, so maybe one that is long and contemplative?


Praying for you and your baby! :pray:t3:


I don’t know of any specific prayers, but I’ll pray for you! This actually happened to me a few weeks ago (I’m 14 weeks now). It doesn’t sound like mine were anywhere near as severe as yours are though- I only had a few on my eyelids and arms. My OB said sometimes it “just happens” to pregnant women. I tend to be allergic to ragweed and this is the time it starts appearing in the Northeast, so maybe pregnancy is making things worse. Mine cleared up with Benadryl. Pregnancy does weird stuff.

(Hives are a weird thing- sometimes my son-who does have food allergies- gets them for no apparent reason too. His allergy doctor said this is also normal.)

Definitely talk to your OB- steroids are actually used in pregnancy in some cases (for instance, if people have asthma or an autoimmune disease, or even if the baby’s lungs need to mature quickly later on). I think sometimes ER doctors don’t really know enough about pregnancy. My OB has an on-call doctor all the time- if yours does I’d be calling in before tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon.



There is a fascinating documentary about mom’s stress and pregnancy.

I watched it at a film festival a few years ago. Well worth watching!!


Prayers! You’re a bit too early for this but mayeb it’s possible that this is what’s happening?


St Gerard!!!


come to think of it, maybe it’s Hand foot and Mouth disease? I;ve been told that it’s really bad right now.


Maybe, but her kids would probably have it first if so.


He sounds really great! Mind you, you’d have thought they’d have made a woman patron of motherhood, wouldn’t you? :thinking: Not that I’m trusting the judgement of the Holy Mother Church! Now there’s another mother…


For prayers during pregnancy, I often turn to the Sts Catherine, St Gerard, and St Gianna.

I didn’t have anything that severe but I had a reaction to something, which caused itchy bumps on my arms that I scratched without realizing what I was doing. :persevere: Baby was fine but I still have the scars.

I definitely think your OB should have a better grasp on the options for you than the ER doc. So I hope and pray you get relief soon!


Patronage arises from the people.


Really? Now I was not aware of that. :thinking:


There are many many patrons for many different things.

Good information here


Wow! Hilary of Poitiers himself. The Hammer of the Arians. What an interesting choice!


The ER doc called the on-call OBGYN for his opinion and he was the one who recommended no steroids. I called the exchange again this afternoon and told them how much worse it’s gotten and that I’m not going to be able to work tomorrow if I can’t walk, move my hands, or open my eyes. The doctor went ahead and wrote me a script for a steroid and I’ve taken the first done. I’m really nervous about it. The doctor said that this steroid doesn’t cross the placenta, but if that’s the cast, why didn’t he prescribe it last night?


Too early and in the wrong places.


None of us have had fevers.


Not to be a thread-killer, but…
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St. Gerard, please pray for Allegra and her baby. :pray:


I asked for prayers, not medical advice. I’ve already been to the ER and gotten the opinion of the doctor left in charge of my OBGYN’s practice. I don’t require any more medical advice. My concern is that the only effective treatment for my illness is not considered ideal for someone who is pregnant in their first trimester, and I’m asking for prayers for my baby.

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