Nervous Baltics on War Footing as Nato deters Russia

Some countries are trying to prepare their defenses. Are we in the USA?

The US has moved about 1,000 troops in that region. There’s no way to really defend the Baltic states. Russia could never hold them in the face of a NATO counterattack, but they could take them very quickly.

America warmongering again.


Is England going to assist? NATO has been a bit lonely.

The question I have is, what in the Baltics is worth fighting for and getting US soldiers killed ?

NATO only works if the mutual defense aspect is enforced. Defending the Baltics is crucial to defending NATO as a whole. Refusing to defend the sovereignty of a NATO state puts every NATO member in jeopardy, which has wide ranging strategic implications, not ot mention makes it difficult to secure future alliances when the world knows the USA doesn’t honor its treaties.

The USA can and does quite easily forget its friends and dishonors its treaties and has a history of it. (Indian treaties, Vietnam et cetera). NATO is an old and outworn agreement. It doesn’t answer the question what in the Baltics is worth getting my kid killed for?
FWIW personal opinion extending NATO into eastern Europe was a very bad Neocon idea and the sooner it is disavowed the better.

Including Poland makes some sense, maybe. But NATO has no capability to defend the Baltics. Provide air cover, sure, but wars are won on the ground.

Poland can fight. It’s got a far better military than, say, Germany right now.

In spirit, maybe, but not in numbers or arms.

The only mention of NATO and its role has come from Trump. Obama has done what?

Will Poles and Russians be fighting each other anytime soon ? Yes, quite possibly, but first both teams will have to advance at the European Football Championship, and then it’ll happen but in France.

Not if the RFU is disqualified.

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