Nervous, nervous, nervous about Easter Vigil

Anyone else about to be received feeling this way? It’s a weird mix of incredible yearning and a measure of dread. I’m thinking the dread has to do with being up there in front of all those people.

I’m a little bit nervous about remembering everything we have to do, and about doing a couple of brief readings during the Prayer Intentions. But mostly, I’m excited about the joyous day and about finally becoming a Confirmed Catholic!

My prayers are with you. We’ll all do great, and it’ll be a beautiful and special occasion!

Keep your eyes on Jesus in the Crucifix, or on the Priest, on the Altar. The people are there praying for you - you will forget they are there until the Mass is over!

Hehe, I am a bit nervous, but my last name puts me towards he end of the group, so plenty of people to follow!

Remember that your sponsor will be with you too, so you always have someone at your back! :slight_smile:


I’m going to be baptised and confirmed tomorrow night - nervous? YES!! But excited at the same time. At our RCIA class Sunday they gave us the logistics for the vigil and I’ve basically memorized it which I don’t think has helped my nervousness! :slight_smile:

At the same time, can’t believe its already here - we are so blessed!

Nervous? Surprisingly no.

I’m anticipating it and I am anxious, but not nervous.

Just try to relax and enjoy the beauty of the ceremony. Your sponsor is there to guide you, along with the priest and/or deacon(s). The rest of the congregation is just incredibly happy for you and glad to have you join them. Congratulations, and welcome!
:clapping: :signofcross:

I’m just going to do what Randy (my sponsor) and Corrine (the pastoral assistant and head of our parish’s RCIA course) say to do.


I’m actually quite excited! Then again I have already been baptized, so there’s less for me to remember.

I won’t get the logistics until tomorrow afternoon. It hope it’s not much to memorize, because my short term memory leaves a lot to be desired :doh2:

By the way, what are you wearing for it? Going formal, informal, semi-formal, business casual, casual?

I think that’s something they’re going to talk about tomorrow during the retreat (if your parish has one). If you’re getting baptized, you may want to wear something fairly casual that can get wet, and then have a change of clothes. I would recommend semi-formal for after baptism (or for the whole evening if you’ve already been baptized), but that’s my best guess. It’s probably the route I’m going to go, but others here would be more knowledgeable about it than me.

I’m in a parish with a huge RCIA class, so we got diagrams showing the inside of the church and where we were to be at different points in the mass. They have numbers assigned to each person being received into the church since we have 100+ people moving here and there for all of the Sacraments. We did a complete run through one evening this week to include allowing people to practice how they would receive at Communion. The rehearsal took as long as the Vigil mass usually takes, count your blessings if you got relatively short instructions.

Most of the reponses required are “I do” or “Amen” and if anyone forgets, someone will prompt you! No worries. Enjoy the beauty of the vigil and make memories in your mind for this once in a lifetime event! I remember my year with great joy and I enjoy taking the journey again as a sponsor.

I had a candidate one year who got face to face with the bishop and she froze. He just smiled and whispered the response to her. She is a happy Catholic now, so it will work out just fine for everyone this year too.

Bishop!? Lucky duck. We have one of the parish priests doing it. But that’s all good, because he’s been close to us throughout the whole process and in the end it’s fitting that he does it.

They told us to wear nice church clothes - of course no skin showing (duh)! Everyone being baptised, wear white (white dress shirts for the guys) - I lucked out and found a great white pantsuit so at least that part is no problem. :slight_smile:

You are all going to be fine-you will be in good hands and the Priest, Deacons and sponsors will all be there to make sure everything goes the way it should. All you have to do is experience it and know that you will be a beautiful witness to your parish who will feel joy with and for you and who will see the light of Christ radiating from your face tonight.
Congratulations! I am so happy for all of you!

I have a pretty, lacy white dress. The only problem is that it is sleeveless (not strapless, not spaghetti straps…just no short or long sleeves), and it’s going to be chilly tonight! I do have a light wrap, and I also have a blue sweater that could work. Another thought is that I have a white coat I could wear with the dress while we’re outside before bringing in the light, and then use my wrap inside.

Nervous? I was practically manic. So happy, and then sooooo nervous, switching back and forth, until after the Vigil, when I was only filled with joy. I was nervous about standing in front of everybody as well, and over the fact that my parents were there (my Mom wasn’t very supportive about me joining the Church - she’s of the opinion that religion is the opium of the masses, but she did come with me, and was perfectly nice about it. Now she’s gotten a lot more relaxed about my choice, now that she sees it wasn’t just a youthful rebellion at 19, and that I’ve stuck with it for 14 years.)

I still have the little paper note they stuck to our pew to mark it as taken in my missal at the page of the liturgy of baptism in the Easter Vigil - whenever I see it, I get that feeling of incandescent joy again that I had after the Easter Vigil 1995. I think the only time that will come close to it is my wedding day/birth of my children if that is what God wants for me - or perhaps the day I give my solemn vows if that is God’s calling.

So, everyone who will be received into the Church tonight, you are in my prayers and have my most heartfelt congratulations!

I’m nervous too!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

My suggestion? Wear the sweater instead of the wrap. You do want your shoulders to be covered, but, you do NOT want to have to worry about fiddling with keeping a wrap in place when you are in the middle of the service. The sweater will stay in place when you move your arms, you will be far more comfortable.

That intensity which seems almost
narrow because it comes to the point, like a mediaeval window, is
very representative of that last concentration that comes just
before conversion. At the last moment of all, the convert often
feels as if he were looking through a leper’s window. He is looking
through a little crack or crooked hole that seems to grow smaller
as he stares at it; but it is an opening that looks towards the Altar.
Only, when he has entered the Church, he finds that the Church is
much larger inside than it is outside. He has left behind him the
lop-sidedness of lepers’ windows and even in a sense the
narrowness of Gothic doors; and he is under vast domes as open as
the Renaissance and as universal as the Republic of the world. He
can say in a sense unknown to all modern men certain ancient and
serene words: Romanus civis sum; I am not a slave.

G.K. Chesterton, “The Catholic Church and Conversion”

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