Net piracy taking toll on jobs, European study says

‘Unless strict action is taken, 1.2 million jobs in EU could be lost over next five years…’

'Plenty of people download music from the Internet every day, but illegal downloading has a huge economic impact and could put more than one million people out of work by 2015, experts say.

A study into Internet piracy by a Paris-based consultancy published on Wednesday showed that 1.2 million jobs in the European Union could be lost over the next five years if more is not done to clamp down on illegal downloading.’

I am always skeptical of studies like these for one good reason:

They are assuming that people who download music/movies for free would normally buy them if they weren’t able to pirate them.

I really don’t think this is the case, and its definately not true for all people to download illegally. Many people only download the music and movies because they can do so for no cost. If they couldn’t, they wouldn’t buy them either. So really, its no sales lost, if you get my meaning.

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