Netanyahu orders UN ties review


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel will re-assess its ties with the United Nations.
The move comes after the Security Council adopted a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlement building on occupied land.
The resolution was passed after the US refused to veto it, breaking with long-standing American practice.
Washington has traditionally sheltered Israel from condemnatory resolutions.


I wish Trump would do the same. About the only thing the UN is good for is enriching 3rd world kleptocrats and providing a forum for antisemitism.




Or go in there and shake up the UN too!
It’s crazy!
Democracy. Freedom. That’s what US uses to be for… now what?


Very few members of the UN can make a claim of being free or democratic in any meaningful way, which is the problem. The UN makes nations like the US or U.K. morally equivalent to nations like Iran or Cuba.


The UN is a useless organization.


Not sure if perhaps this has something to do with it, but in the last few days several countries have spoken up and demanded an end to illegal settlements in Palestine. Is Netanyahu reactingt to New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal? Seems likely to be the reason behind this. :shrug:


It’s probably safe to say that those countries consider any Jewish population between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan to be illegal :shrug:.


Very well could be; I couldn’t say. I do believe that Israeli settlements are by and large vicious and unjust, but that’s largely due to the Israelis I tend to like and side with. It’s kind of amusing because, like 90% or whatever of the populace would call me hard right wing conservative just 'cause I’m Catholic, but I myself prefer to identify as limp-wristed neo-hippie social justice warrior Palestinian freedom fighter. :shrug: Provided that provokes the most aggravation, that is. But seriously, I do tend to feel more Christian love from the Uri Avnery, Gilad Atzmon side of things. Doesn’t mean I have blue hair and skull piercings, just means I’ve walked through the West Bank and seen how people are treated. :shrug: These threads and conversations do tend to get polarized along self-created self-image sort of lines, though. :shrug:


Israel is not the only country that needs to re-assess its ties with the UN!


I listed some uses here


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