Netanyahu Plans Fence Around Israel To Protect It From 'Wild Beasts'


Binyamin Netanyahu has announced his intention to “surround all of Israel with a fence” to protect the country from infiltration by both Palestinians and the citizens of surrounding Arab states, whom he described as “wild beasts”.

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Netanyahu must have been talking with Donald Trump.


I wonder if Mexico has to pay for it.


That’s interesting because the leader of Mexico just announced that Mexico won’t be paying even some small change amount for Trump’s wall. :shrug:



Commenting on the proposal, Bennett said: “The prime minister spoke today about how fences are needed. We are wrapping ourselves in fences. In Australia and New Jersey there is no need for fences.”

haha, can only imagine how much it would take and cost to build a fence around Australia. Besides, we wouldn’t need one anyway, as our distance is our best defense and the fact we are girt by sea.

In all seriousness though, I don’t know how bad or not it is for Israel, but if I were an Israeli citizen and people were coming across the border and blowing themselves up, I would want a good fence to properly control who came in.

Given all the fighting and the rise of terrorism, I think this probably a very wise move of Israel (I thought they already had one). Build a good fence and stay out of it.

Anyway, just some of my thoughts.

Thank you for reading


haha, I think this is a little different though, if America was located where Israel is, Donald Trumps fence would not sound very absurd at all, I would consider it folly not to have one considering the immediate surroundings and threats of terrorism.

In regards to ‘Wild Beasts’ I very much hope that’s only in reference to those who wish to conduct terrorism on Israel or wipe them off the map and not a stereotypical brush over all of their surrounding neighbors.


Ding ding ding ding.

I can imagine how that conversation would go.

Pres. Trump: Hey Pena nieto you guys will have to pay for the wall, it’s 8 billion pay up.

Mexican president: Estas loco (your crazy)
Click, he hangs up


Israel throughout its entire history has lived with an existential threat across it borders. A wall is good against camels and small trucks, but its existence will be the cause of great discontent amongst Israel’s many enemies. I respect its iron dome anti missile system and a wall can assist in controlling aggressive migration. America doesn’t need a wall against Mexico. American industry is moving there as we speak so it is important to allow the spanish speaking American citizens some way to support their families, so a wall would be an impediment to the new order. There will be food stamps for the rest, don’t worry.
As an Australian we rely on the cruel sea. We also intend to breed more man o war; sharks, stone fish and irukandji jellyfish on our northern borders.


The fence that has already been built shortened the Intifada.


Benny and Donnie are gonna get along reeeeeal well.


Might be easier than one thinks. The U.S. government is going to require that all antibiotic use by livestock producers in the U.S. be by prescription of a veterinarian only. And USDA is going to inspect veterinarians’ records and spot check livestock producers and feed dealers to do that. The cost will be very high, and livestock losses will go up.

"Is Mexican beef imported into the U.S. subject to that? No. So maybe Trump will say "You know, we’re really worried about livestock antibiotic use here in the U.S. and we’re therefore worried about your beef exports to us. But if you consent to the very same regulations American livestock raisers have to observe, and let USDA comb your feed, livestock and veterinary records to ensure that we’re not getting antibiotic contaminated beef here, we’ll allow your exports. Otherwise not.

Now about that fence…"

Is that weird? Well, other nations do that sort of thing to the U.S. all the time.


Actually, forcing Mexico to pay for it, or anything, would be pretty easy.

Mexico “earns” more money from people sending money from the US to Mexico via wire transfers than they do from oil.

In other words, people working in the US are more of a value to Mexico’s economy than their oil industry. This is why Mexico sticks it’s nose into US immigration policy so often. It’s a money maker for them. To the tune of $24.8 Billion USD in 2015.

So, if any President wants to “make Mexico pay” for any wall or anything all they have to do is tax financial exports from the US to Mexico. IIRC, that’s actually in Trumps “plan”.

And this isn’t the first time the idea has been kicked around.


I’m not an Israeli but I think this is bad for Israel’s image. Netanyahu has a history of using Holocaust references to scare the electorate into supporting this or that right wing idea. As time goes on the cruel truth is that many non-Jews will forget the Holocaust or reassign blame for it and only see the unjust treatment of Palestinians by Israel. Adopting a siege mentality like apartheid South Africa will further enrage Israel’s enemies and alienate it’s friends. In addition many of the mistreated Arabs are Christians and yet ignored by Christian Zionists. Crazies on both sides will do what they can to bring Armageddon and ultimately endanger Israel’s survival, which is hardly pro-Jew. Why can’t people see this?


It will be bad for Israel’s image among some, but Israel has to balance that against the loss of life the wall is intended to prevent. Palestinian Arabs do have the ear of leftist western media, no question about that. It’s part of being anti-western. But Israelis have to balance that against the lives of their people too.

It’s ironic that so many believe the tale that Israel is an “Apartheid state”. Arabs live freely in Israel, own land, vote, are in the parliament and the armed forces. Palestinian Arabs who are not citizens of Israel work in Israel. In what Arab Islamic state is that true for Jews? The answer is “none”. In the largest Palestinian state, Jordan, where treatment of Jews is as benign as it gets in the Arab world, Jews can travel there if they dare. But they can’t become citizens. They can’t live there permanently. They can’t own land. They can’t work there.


Oh, trust me, as Mexicans we will find a way to not get that bill.


A tax on such things would be legal. So you’d want to commit an illegal act ny evading taxes?


He wouldn’t even have to do that. Let’s say congress passes an “Investment Fairness Act”. Mexico will not allow foreigners to own majority interest in any Mexican company or even land. The U.S., however, allows Mexican investors to fully own companies or land in the U.S. Suppose the Act said the nationals of any country that denies full ownership of assets can’t have full ownership of anything in the U.S. either. Immigrants from Mexico would scream bloody murder because some American would have to own 51% of their homes, just like Mexico does to Americans in Mexico. Mexican businesses would go ballistic. And all in the name of “fairness”.

Let’s imagine that the U.S. passed a “Plant Safety Act” under which any country that exports any plant or plant product has to pass inspection of at least (let’s say) 50% of its products…including Marijuana, cocaine and heroin, or pay a hefty “inspection failure charge”. Origin of those things, intercepted in the U.S. can be determined. So, if “X” number of tons of marijuana originating in Mexico are found here, upon which no inspection has been passed, then every Mexican plant product, from winter strawberries to Corona beer, gets hit with an import charge.

Lots of ways to do it.


Whether you believe it or not illegals pay taxes. Guess what, when they pay for gas, groceries, clothes, bills, guess what they pay? They pay taxes.

Now not everyone pays or claims every tax. Guess what that includes American citizens.


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