Netflix axes Michelle Wolf and Joel McHale talk shows


I’ve seen a number of post about Michelle Wolf and her show here. To summarize the article her show is cancelled.


Boo! I love Joel McHale. I finally watched the last episode a couple days ago.


Michelle Wolf is on my no-watch list, with Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, and Michael Moore. I don’t think she is as political as the others, but she is far more offensive. I have little regard for Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, but the way she was treated was worse than any woman should ever be treated.


I have never heard of Joel McHale, but if his comedy was as offensive as Michelle
Wolf’s comedy, good riddance to both of them.
I pray Michelle Wolf’s career is downhill from this point on.


The Joel McHale show on Netflix was either missing a certain charm that existed on Talk Soup or I’ve grown a lot as a person in the time between. :laughing:


He makes fun of reality TV shows for the most part. He was on the show Community as well. Pretty much played himself :laughing:


Is he a political comedian?


I wouldn’t say so - I’ve never heard him say anything political (though I never saw his Netflix show). Does anyone know if his other show ‘The Great Indoors’ is still on the air?


I liked the very first host of Talk Soup better. I don’t think I ever saw one episode with Joel McHale on Talk Soup.


I never heard him bring up politics.
It’s fairly low brow stuff but it’s funny to look into the world of reality tv. I’m always baffled about who watches some of that stuff. He’s a pretty funny guy.


Michelle Wolf and [ The Joel McHale ](

I have no idea who these people are, but I did see the excerpts from Wolf’s praise of abortion, and they were disgusting.


I agree with that. It was disgusting and I have faith that the future will view that with shock and disbelief. The little I heard from her wasn’t funny.


“Handmaids Tale” is a dystopian book and a TV series. The book was written by a lady that imagines what she thought to be a worst case scenario for women’s rights. The story takes place in a universe in which women are forced to be pregnant and give birth (unless they are rich women). The women are impregnated with the children of other rich couples and force to live in what is effectively a prison and are subjected to state sanctioned rape.the women are not allowed to read and get no education beyond the training for their position in society.

Here is a Crash Course video (like Cliff Notes) about the book.


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