NETFLIX Midsomer Murders - Anti-Religious

I’ve seen the 110 programs before, but I came back for another viewing, and I’m almost all the way through this second round.

It seems that the churches are portrayed as benign at best, but the personnel are depicted as failed people who can’t keep the congregation size up. The “vicar” is usually always trying to raise money for a new roof. The main characters usually have only a distant commitment to any church, maybe for a wedding ceremony or a funeral.

Now, I’m in the tail end of the 18 “series” of programs and the “new” assistant detective “DS Wilson” (detective sergeant) repeats a line that the previous sidekick DS Jones made inside a church in an earlier episode: “This place gives me the creeps.” To me, there isn’t anything specifically targeted, just the whole place gives him the “creeps.”

Also, in a negative stereotype specifically of the Catholic Church, there were just four surviving sisters in a monastery, one of whom it turns out was a murderous nun. So, the sun sets on that episode with just two or three remaining sisters in a rather massive complex. And, a strong hint of materialism emerges that the youngest and most recently professed sister will actually inherit the estate of the monastery, when (not if) the monastery ceases operation. So, we see her biding her time until the inheritance falls to her.

I hear over and over that England is very secular, as undoubtedly reflected in this long-running popular program. I wonder what the statistics are on active church membership there, Catholics in particular?

The vast majority of movies and all tv programming is formatted with anti religious and pro worldly values.

I like watching “Bones” but even a somewhat neutral show like that portrays men as buffoons, women as wise and competent, speaks of Catholicism as a myth, and shows adultery / physical promiscuity as common behaviors.

Thanks for posting.

For adults in England and Wales:
8.3% call themselves Catholic compared to 19.8% Anglicans, 7.7% other Christians, 48.5% no religion.
27.5% of Catholics attend Mass weekly, 15.6% less often but at least once a month compared to 58% of Baptists attending worship weekly, 19.8% Methodists, 8.9% Anglicans.

OP, are you sure that the churches in the TV series aren’t Anglican, versus Catholic? There are some large differences, although the liturgy is similar and churches look similar from the outside.


If you have a medieval or even a Victorian church, it is probably always needing roofing done.

It’s probably slightly exaggerated (it’s TV), but what you described as the general attitude towards religion pretty much probably sums up the general attitudes of people in general to religion… So I wouldn’t call it anti religious.

I do find it funny when I can tell that a Protestant (or very uninformed catholic) is writing a TV show even when catholics are portrayed benignly because they always like to bring up ‘catholic guilt’ like it’s all we think about :stuck_out_tongue:

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