Netflix series - Medici: Masters of Florence

He didn’t die in The Martian.

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I wonder does anyone object to the treatment of Jesus on Netflix?

I object to his treatment on some shows, which I avoid.

“The Bible”, “A.D.” and “Risen” are/were also on Netflix. It’s just a matter of being discerning on what you watch. Netflix is not a religious platform.

As I said to the one who asked in another thread just today about buying coffee from Starbucks. I don’t give them money to kill children. I give them money to buy coffee.

I pay Netflix to gain access to their library. Not to fund blasphemy. Heck, it’s not even to “support” them. I don’t give them money for them to produce bad shows, even though they probably would. I give them money to get a particular set of goods and services that I demand and they supply. It’s not about “supporting” them. It’s about paying for a service that I want. Whether they survive or go bankrupt is not my concern or problem.

Once I get my goods and services and they get my money, the money belongs to them. What they do with it is up to them, and if they fund blasphemy, they fund blasphemy. Not I. In the meantime, I just sat back and enjoyed myself immensely watching Hotel Transylvania. And Hotel Transylvania 2. And prior to that, The Last Kingdom. And Medici. And Knightfall. And A.D.

Now if Netflix said that a specific portion of my fee will go to the Netflix Blasphemy Production Fund, then sure, I would have a problem with that. But that’s not what they offer. They offer content, some of which is good, some of which is objectionable. Well, I watch the good, and filter out the objectionable. I get my money’s worth, and they get my money, to go, as I hope, first of all to their employees and shareholders.

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It’s no different to tv in general -most every channel (except maybe EWTN) has a mix of harmless and objectionable material. Most people don’t think it necessary to get rid of the idiot box (or their cable subscription) altogether simply because a percentage of content isn’t up to standard.

Ok i guess i am Netflix ignorant. I signed up for the 30 day free trial and I cannot find “Masters of Florence”. All i get is “The Magnificent” and no part 2 either. What am i missing?


Did you do a search? Only thing I can think of with the “free trial” they are not including the whole series which is not good.

Found it! Thanks!

For anyone else looking, they’re bundled together as different seasons of the same show.

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