Netflix testing ads


Guess someone has to watch “Stranger Things” (I’d rather watch the Nissan commercial!!)


I try to remind myself that. Cable TV costs a lot more, and advertisements take up roughly 30% of the air time.

That’s interesting. I did not know that. There’s always money to be made with selling ad space. They’ll find a way to cram as much in as they feel they can get away with before people get angry.


Ow. Right in the feelings piece.


The beauty of Netflix is something for everyone!


Not the one I use…but it cost more money.


Yeah, I think that’s why we pay for it. It was bad enough when YouTube started using ads.


Netflix and Amazon etc have so much top shelf original material now. Cable, including premium cable, is becoming obsolete—not totally yet, but more and more of the best original stuff is going to this new model.


I watched an eleven minute video a couple days ago and it had three separate add blocks in it…


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