Netflix's Tidying Up with Marie Kondo


Anybody watching? Thoughts?

The first episode was a little discouraging to me since their “messy house with toddlers” to me looked like a clean after picture.:roll_eyes: But maybe the series wanted to start with that to set themselves apart from something like Hoarders.



I have already begun on a small scale. When I hold an item, I thank God for the people who made the item, that I had the means to acquire that item and if I discard it, I pray for the person who will use it.


My kids love it because they say she is like a beautiful fairy (I sort of see it) and they like when she “gets down on the ground to power up.”


I saw one meme that said something along the lines of “Marie Kondo is a animated character designed by Goodwill corporation to make me donate half of my stuff” :slight_smile:


:rofl: she is up to something for sure!


I have her book. It’s in the clutter of my life.



We Kondo -folded all the clothes in the kids’ drawers yesterday. I was too chicken to start with mine, plus I gave my dresser to one of them a few years back, so it’s very un Kondo hangers for me.

It has really magnified the pants disparity that exists between my middle daughters to have the clothes folded where you can see all of them at once. I looked at Turkey #2 and asked her, how do live? We need to buy you some pants.


When I first heard the idea of keeping things that spark joy I thought it sounded kind of silly. But seeing it in action makes much more sense. In the area of clothes, for example, you may find you have multiple blouses in different colors, but without realizing it there are some you wear all the time and some you never wear. What’s wrong with the ones you don’t wear? Probably nothing, but it turns out that some colors make you happier or are more flattering or give you a lift – they spark joy – and those are the ones you actually wear. Getting rid of the others (with thanks) frees up space and simplifies your life.


I haven’t started watching the show yet, but I loved the book. She’s a little out there in how extreme she is about getting rid of things— I remember distinctly an anecdote about her deciding her hammer no longer sparked joy, so she donated it. She would use a frying pan to hammer things instead.

But anyways, I think the lack of attachment to physical possessions to be refreshing. And the expressing gratitude for items that “spark joy” and you no longer need to be refreshing as well.


I read her book, and while I don’t agree with everything, I did get enough out of her book that I have recommended it to others. I did what she said when purging my bookcase: everything taken off, then gone through and put back. Or not. I had tons of books that did not bring me joy. No looking at them while on the shelves. I do now fold my socks and underwear, and kitchen towels as she recommends. Much easier to see what it there, and seeing everything neatly rolled or folded makes a difference.


I haven’t watched it but I saw a trailer. It seems like an excellent show and it looks like Marie Kondo is cleaning up people’s lives :slightly_smiling_face:


Can’t wait to watch this. Is it like a reality show or something? I read a manga version of her book a few months ago. House is still a mess but I liked the message.


Each episode is another person’s house she is going in and teaching her methods. Seeing her suggestions in action in real people’s houses is helpful.


Ok, you’ve convinced me. I was just looking around here thinking I needed to purge and reorganize.


Me too. I need to purge in a big way before we move.

To be honest, I’d rather just toss everything into a pile and set fire to it, but that doesn’t seem like the right way to express my gratitude :laughing:

As far as Marie Kondo goes: have the book (but not yet read it), don’t have Netflix. I did see her in action on two programs that aired on NHK World (English-language international TV channel of the Japanese public broadcasting network; yes, I’m weird) so I get the gist of it.


Haven’t read Marie Kondo, haven’t watched Marie Kondo, but I’ve changed the way I fold t-shirts to Marie Kondo’s way. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I adopted that method too. It’s so much less stressful being able to open a drawer and see at a glance everything in it. :sweat_smile:


Socks, underwear and kitchen towels are all folded that way now. My son saw my drawer of socks and said “whoa! That’s organized!” I don’t wear many tee shirts, but if I did, I would fold them that way too.


Do you take a moment to greet your home and thank God for it to? I love this show.


Does this set of Tupperware bring me Joy?
Nope, off to Goodwill.

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