Netherlands rejects EU-Ukraine partnership deal

Not very fair, to choose Ukraine. :frowning:

If the vote had been between Turkey or Ukraine joining the EU, it would have been a completely different outcome. A strange time to take such a vote and why Ukraine. Whether it will have any influence, is another matter.

The Russians will no doubt be saying ‘We told you so…’. ::slight_smile: Hopefully, Ukraine will change its’ mind and join the EEU instead.

Seems to me more a display of rejection to all and any EU funded policy as the Netherlands ‘Out’ view begins to take hold. And I for one cannot wait to see the EU crippled beyond repair.

:thumbsup: I’ll second that.

I believe that despite this there is still hope for Ukraine.
The European Union is much more than the Netherlands.:slight_smile:
I would like to say - THANK YOU for those 36 % of Dutch people who believed in Ukraine.

In fact, a visa-free regime means a lot to euro integration.
When a person is traveling then it helps to break down stereotypes

Tourism is education.
A huge percentage of the citizens of Donetsk and Crimeans have never traveled abroad.
When a person is traveling then it helps to break down stereotypes about the decadent West, I think that these stereotypes are the result of religious-chauvinistic-expansionalist propaganda which was implanted in the past years, by the representatives of the Russkiy Mir.
And what did they atchieved by their opposition to integration with the West? What do they get in return?
The impoverishment and hopelessness of the population engaged in renting accommodation to tourists in the Crimea, the collapse of the industry in the Donbas.
Almost Stalinist existential reality. Visa-free travel and free trade zone would make the inhabitants of the Crimea rich.And this beautiful resort area would be able to compete with the European ones. Even Donbass would be able to travel and to improve their financial well-being. Tourism is education. The farther we are from Europe, the deeper dwell in ignorance.

still there is hope:
‘‘EU to propose visa-free travel for Ukraine despite Dutch vote - source’’

So easy stereotypes of other nations of other places are been both condemned and praised in this post, that is quite a fascinating accomplishment.

For those not aware what Russkiy Mir means it means ‘Russian world’. Here is what one young woman from the Ukraine had to say to me about this situation yesterday that she is glad to know that should the Ukraine join the EU the young of her generation can clean closests and be nannies in an even wider range of countries. That was her rather cutting remark on the whole business.

Тo clean closests and to be nannies its a gradual process of financial growth
For example , the Soviet Jews who emigrated to Israel, in having sometimes two diplomas, also had to began like this.
Doctors sometimes worked as a nurses.
Engineers were sometimes auxiliary workers.
But as time passed, the Soviet Jews in Israel began to dominate everywhere,including high-tech specialty.
I follow some bloggers in Romanian, the Romanians also sometimes resent their low status in Europe. But I want to ask you friends:
‘’-What do you want to become Bosses and Lords at once?’’
Of course it takes time to integrate and there is nothing to be indignant.

The Dutch just showed the world how Russia influences Western European elections. The Washington Post

Haha…unbelievable, the MSM clutching at straws here. Even a vote taken by the Dutch populace is now Putin’s fault! :smiley:

*In a vague sort of way, many people are aware that the Russian government provides material and moral support to extremist political groups in Europe. But until last week’s Dutch referendum, we hadn’t seen a good example of how Russian influence actually works in a Western European election. *

Maybe they didn’t watch or have forgotten the international news coverage, in December 2014, and the West’s obvious involvement in the tragic protests, in Kiev, the coup government that followed - and not forgetting all the ‘promises’ made, to Ukraine, at that time.

Pot, kettle, black comes to mind. :rolleyes:

‘Ukraine’ itself was of little importance, in the Dutch vote. Any country would have had the same vote outcome, it was unfair that Ukraine was the country chosen to ‘rebel’ against, of any additional countries joining the EU.

I like the thoughts of Alexander Motyl on this occasion.
Here are some interesting statements to his article.

‘’ Thousands of Ukrainians have died defending Eurovalues against Russian imperialism.’’

''Ukraine needs to draw several conclusions from the decision by some 20 percent of Holland’s electorate to reject the EU’s Association Agreement with Ukraine.

First, that percentage of nay-sayers roughly corresponds to the percentage of citizenry in all EU states who actively reject “European values.” These are the supporters of extreme right-wing parties, many of which of late have attained 20-30 percent of the vote in various elections. These are the people who disagree with the following passage in the Preamble of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union:

Conscious of its spiritual and moral heritage, the Union is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity; it is based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law. It places the individual at the heart of its activities, by establishing the citizenship of the Union and by creating an area of freedom, security and justice.

These people will never support Ukraine or many other bilateral and multilateral relationships.’’

''The former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and a lot of his comrades in the German social-democratic party do: they’re fine, as long as they’re not inconvenient. If rights imply inconvenience or if indifference to rights entails profit, then who needs rights? Schröder, if case you’re forgotten, finagled a cushy job with the Russian mafia-like state firm, Gazprom, while still in office. And he’s been lobbying for Vladimir Putin, apologizing for his imperialism, and lining his pockets with rubles ever since.

The European Schröders will support Ukraine only if it’s profitable and convenient.
Second, regardless of what the Europeans do or say, Ukraine should continue to do everything it can to join Europe and adopt Eurovalues. Western political and economic institutions actually do work—even if those of the EU may not—and Western values (such as human rights, democracy, and rule of law) are far better than those promulgated by the Putins of the world.
Third, Ukraine must realize that its progress toward Western institutions and values depends almost exclusively on itself. Europe won’t go out of its way to help it; neither will anybody else, including the United States—if Ukraine’s doesn’t start measuring up to western governance and rule of law standards. Ukraine must become a strong, rich, democratic country by adopting policies that promote strength, wealth, and democracy.’’

‘‘What the Dutch did is shameful: they betrayed decency and Ukraine. But what Ukraine’s squabbling, incompetent, self-serving, shortsighted elites are doing is even worse: they’re destroying Ukraine and its people.’’

The Dutch, Kyiv, and Reform. Alexander J. Motyl

“It is required you do awake your faith”:smiley:

more optimistic news are coming:

European Commission proposes visa-free travel for citizens of Ukraine

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