Netherlands set to approve euthanasia for children 1-12

This horrific. Has anyone else read “A canticle for Leibowitz”? We deserve the punishment they wrought on themselves in that book.

“ On Tuesday, Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said the rule change would prevent some children from “suffering hopelessly and unbearably”.

Euthanasia is currently legal in the Netherlands for children older than 12, with mandatory consent from the patient and their parents.

It is also legal for babies up to a year old with parental consent.”


There are no words, pretty scary.


Several times.

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Whenever I read it it always makes me think God doesn’t punish us anymore because we’re much too capable of doing it ourselves.


Sadly Miller who wrote that eventually committed suicide.

Did he really? I never knew that. That is sad.

Loved it. I don’t agree we all deserve to be nuked, though. I should add, though, that if I see Mrs. Grales on her way to confession, I’ll take it we do.

The author suffered from severe depression and PTSD.


We deserve to be punished. Being blown back to the Stone Age is the only thing I think could set things right.

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I just read a brief summary of him. Sad story, gifted writer.

Per euthanasia:

This part, straightforwardly is just infanticide. That part is absolutely shocking.


As well as save money on healthcare.


Yep. That’s what this is really about. When the state is paying they’re going to cut costs on the “hopeless” under the guise of being humanitarian.


There is a scifi book/movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” in which something like that happens. The story ends with technology that requires electricity no longer working.

When I saw it, I thought about the people stuck in elevators, people that may have been undergoing medical procedures, or people that live far away from their food and water supplies. I’m sure there was a great decline in the human population from those supply chains being disrupted.

In practice I think that the mass of immoral acts that followed nuclear armageddon would greatly outweigh a lot of what came before. Even if we all became hunter-gatherers again, such societies definitely don’t live according to Catholic ethics.

Generally after a disaster people come together and crime goes down, mental health improves, and community bonds strengthen. Seems counter intuitive but comfort and plenty is harder on people than austerity and hardship.

Nuclear armageddon is not the same as more common natural disasters. You’re talking about the end of order globally basically as we have known it for thousands of years.

Besides, I was commenting more specifically on the idea of going to back to a “Stone Age”, not just looting or rioting. Hunter-gatherers do not generally practice Catholic sexual ethics, or Catholic ethics in regards to life. When Daniel Everett was living with the Piraha they killed a baby that was suffering from a curable disease by feeding it rum because they believed it was doomed to die and that he was continuing its suffering by trying to save its life. Most hunter-gatherers are pretty loose sexually too, at least from our perspective.

Seems counter intuitive but comfort and plenty is harder on people than austerity and hardship.

I think it is hard to argue this as a general historic rule, even looking at the “developing world” today. When life ends easily it also becomes cheap.

You’re taking the Stone Age comment a little too literally. It was intended more as a hyperbole.

They’re not mutually exclusive, however. Amerinds in North America were stone age hunter-gatherers by and large, and yet a number of tribes became Catholic or otherwise Christian while remaining stone age people.

Given today’s methods of imparting health and comfort, why is it not murder?

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