Netherlands set to approve euthanasia for children 1-12

Do you remember that pain?

I’m not defecting.However I have to wonder what your agenda is,on a Catholic forum ,arguing for killing children

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If we all would have been created directly into heaven, this would never happened. And, of course the events you mentioned all happened due to God’s permissive will. Funny that none of you admit that all this occurs, because God allows it to happen.

Not defecting… deflecting. And I have no agenda. Also I am not arguing for killing children. Do you intentionally misrepresent my words?

This is more of stuff for the moral theology or social justice area under apologetics.

There is evil in the world too. Some of us have seen it first hand.

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Sure… all allowed by God. And our presence in this world is a punishment for the sin of our ancestors.

Dearest Lord, that zerge and all others discover your love and mercy as we walk this lonesome valley on our way to eternal life with you!


In the cases we are reading about, I dont think those 2-12 year old children are making living wills.
Someone else is choosing for them to die.


I have nothing to do with that. Why do you ask me?

I don’t see a question mark in my post. Perhaps you are confusing me with another poster.
May God bless you and all who visit our thread.

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You definitely won’t be changing any minds when your ethics system sees life as not valuable.

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Yeah, coming onto this forum and advocating for “mercy killing” and then saying life “is not valuable” is a non-starter here. It’s frankly Satanic.


I am not here to change any minds. Merely stating my opinion.

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