Neuro-Lingistic Programing (NLP). Ok for Catholics?


I recently receieved an invitation (seduction?) to a free two and a half day seminar on NLP and having just started out in a business of my own thought I could benefit from attending this seminar. However, I remember a catholic friend informing me about the dangers of NLP; so I decided to check this up on the internet. Sure enough there is information out there connecting NLP to cults, Scientology, magic, mind control, blah, blah, blah. I also found information on Catholics qualified in NLP and likewise using it in their profession. My question is: Does the Catholic Church in any way disapprove of NLP? I will appreciate any help in this matter.

Thanks & God Bless.


I doubt the Church has (or ever will) specifically address such a small and wacky movement as NLP. But the Church has repeatedly condemned notions of “magic,” etc that form the foundation of NLP.


What is the Catholic position on hypnosis?


Ransomed From the Darkness

Repents Years as Local Guru

By Moira Noonan as told to Donna Steichen

… I went for psychic training classes at the Teachings of the Inner Christ church in Lemon Grove, to get more connected to my spirit guides, and to learn to see, feel and hear beyond the senses. The standard “service” at the Church of the Inner Christ is a séance, where channelers (mediums) recite formulas to call up spirits of the dead. This practice has been called necromancy and is condemned in Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

The instructors assured me these were steps to “High Sense Perception,” in which we would use the five senses but take them beyond normal ranges. And I did become psychic. When I told people I saw something, like their childhood experiences, I did see them. I could sit down beside a stranger and see his past life unreel like a movie. Sometimes I could converse with the people I was seeing. But like other clairvoyant channelers, I couldn’t sleep at night because the “messages” demanding attention in my mind became a torment, and I could not turn them off.

My daughter Malia hated the Inner Christ church and refused to be present at services, though I was “in ministry” there.

Next, I trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming under Anthony Robbins, at his Research Institute in San Diego. This is a system of hypnotic techniques used in communication and persuasion. …


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