Neutral on Dogma

Are Catholics allowed to be neutral on teaching like papal infallibility? Neither embracing or denying?

Please assume someone knows pretty well what the teaching is, and it’s not just a matter of lack of knowledge.

Unable and struggling to understand but assenting? Yes.

Intentionally committed to being neutral? I don’t believe so.

Some things are difficult to understand. When we are uncertain about something, the Church asks to make good-will effort to understand, and in any case to give our assent to what is proposed.

If you understand something then there is no such thing as neutral. One thing Christ asks for is to make a decision. (about many things, not just authority) .
Faith is a response, not an abdication or non-commitment.

Failing to understand is not the same as not accepting, so to answer your question, absolutely not. Not all Catholics have to be theologians (most of us aren’t even capable of it) but you DO have to assent to all Church teaches, whether knowingly or unknowingly. That being said, you can’t be held accountable for what you don’t know. This is why I always caution people when they try to judge the state of the soul of former Catholics.

“Dogma” is one thing; “catma” is another.

Meeee Owwww!

Doesn’t the question get into that whole ‘cafeteria catholic’ issue? It’s probably not a good idea, but that will be between me and yhe Lord, not any modern ‘pharisees’ so to speak.

Enough said - thanks.

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