Nevada Caucus Quirk May Allow GOP Voters to Vote for Dems

A scheduling quirk that may allow Nevada Republicans to vote in the Democratic caucuses on Saturday is drawing howls of protest and threats of legal action.

The two state political parties organize their own caucus events with differing rules and procedures.

The Democrats are allowing for on-site registration at its caucuses Saturday, a policy that can bulk up its voter numbers. This means anyone can look up their neighborhood’s designated caucus site and on the same day, change their party affiliation and have a say between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The Republicans, meanwhile, had a Feb. 13 registration deadline to participate in their contest scheduled for Tuesday. Joe Gloria, the Clark County Registrar of Voters in Las Vegas, said those voter records are already settled with the Secretary of State’s official listing, which will be used at the Republican Caucuses.


It’s my understanding not very many people cross party lines as activists with the intention of sabotage.

:shrug: Why bother … Trump is bad enough!

:wink: Lol. Couldn’t resist this bit of fun.

On a more serious note … voting in another party’s primary to cause trouble is … troubling.

I must admit though, that the first time I ever voted, in 1972 I registered as a Democrat … largely because the GOP nomination was already decided and I thought maximizing my overall vote by contributing to a contest between TWO candidates I could get behind would be the best use of my voting power.

At the time Nixon was President and going to run again. I lived in LA and voted for favorite son Mayor Sam Yorty (a rather conservative pro-business activist mayor … derided as “suitcase Sam” for his frequent trips to the then rather undeveloped “Pacific Rim” countries to promote trade and the development of the port of Los Angeles). IMO.

The opposite of my plan would be – a race between an intolerably unacceptable candidate … and a barely tolerable one who compromises so much that there is scant difference in the “lesser of two evils” conundrum I’ve sometimes felt face with.

All in all I don’t like this.

It’s bad enough that in California (the LARGEST state in the Union per population) we always are left with “choosing” from the remainder of whomever voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, and other states haven’t “killed off” in the earlier primaries.

Not as bad as winning a Proposition vote by a landslide … and having one critical “judge” declare the result as “unconstitutional” (without specific citation however) …

… but it’s pretty bad … and another bit of evidence pointing toward the possibility that …

… we Americans are NOT really self-governing … but are just going through some superfluous exercises every two years (while awaiting the hubris of a “ruler” to overturn our votes).

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