Nevada Republicans Drop Pro-Life, Traditional Marriage Stands From Party Platform


LAS VEGAS — Several hundred delegates of the Nevada Republican Party approved a party platform April 19 that drops both its pro-life plank and support for the definition of marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

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I’ve seen this coming for some time.


I heard this on the radio this morning. Very sad but I am not surprised really. Seems America has sold out to political party pandering. America seems to see everything through the political spectrum and assumes everything is judged through the lens of politics. Of course that is just my opinion and not based on anything other than personal observations.

It’s tiring and depressing to read or watch the news of politics.


Back in the 1980’s the mantra was “God is dead.”

Now the society has decided that anatomy is dead, biology is dead, marriage is dead, family is dead. The U.S. seems determined to travel down this road.


Come on! Doesn’t anybody respect the Lord God anymore? I hope and pray that the Spirit of Jesus will come back into our society one day!


I wonder how long it will be until those Republicans who are truly pro life and pro marriage break off and form their own party. Sadly I could see this coming. At it’s heart Conservatism is more or less utilitarian. Think of it, those in the GOP were all about being pro life but could care less what happened after the baby was born. Now it seems they could care less about people at any stage of life.

I hope to God that this wakes up those Catholics who are hardcore GOP members to reconsider their affiliation and either form a more socially conservative party or better yet be an independent who will vote for a candidate who stands for traditional values since the GOP will probably abandon them at some point


Yuck. Perhaps this is a perfect opportunity to make a new, TRULY GOOD party. No more “lesser of two evils.”

I’d love to see a pro-life, pro-marriage, anti-death penalty, pro-conservation, etc… party more in line with Catholic values. Let us pray…


The Republicans are just trying to court younger voters. They will not succeed in anything but alienating their own base.


Votes before principles. I gave up on both parties a while ago. I am looking at the American Solidarity Party. It’s a Christian Democrat party that is pro-life, pro-family and pro-worker. It is based on Catholic social teaching. Another source is Christian Democracy Magazine


They have succeeded in turning me off.Unless they grow a spine ant actually listen to their electorate,put forth a true fiscal and social conservative,they have lost me.:mad:


If this is true, it’s only in 1 state out of 50. I’ll stop voting Republican when Planned Parenthood stops hating Republicans and starts endorsing the Republican party. Until then I’m voting Republican.


This story is relevant too. Republicans have slowly but surely gone decidedly far-right on economic issues while caring less and less about social issues over time.

They may be trying to appeal to their Tea Party base, but I’m not sure it’s going to matter when Catholics and other social conservatives abandon them in droves.


It’s time for a new party called the “Communion Party” which is 100% in line with Catholic teaching (I’m open to new names)


According to the CIA World Factbook, Catholics make up 23.9% of the US population. Out of that, maybe 10% are orthodox. So it would be a party that is always guaranteed not to win an election.


This is why I’ve decided now, that if someone asks me what my political party is, I’m going to say, “My political party is the Catholic Church.” I tried to get enough signatures 2 years ago to run for Congress as an independent. I didn’t have the time, resources, or the manpower to do so, however.

Regardless, I would suggest that we remember that we are Catholics first, our called vocation (most of us being married persons) second, and Americans third - our priorties (in this order) are to (1) the Trinity and the Church founded by Jesus Christ (and trying to attract others through our words and deeds to the Trinity and the Church for the salvation of their souls), (2) our spouses and children (if married), (3) our country.

If we place the platform of a political party above the teachings of the Church, then we have rejected God’s plan for our own human plans. Our thinking should be instead. “Such and such is the teaching of the Church. How is the best way to implement this teaching in our country?”


That is something I can relate to. When I was growing up in the fifties, the good nuns of St. Augustine’s Church would tell us that we were Catholics first, (fill in your ethnic identity here) second , and Americans third. And that is what we were to give thanks for everyday.

This began to change in 1960 when John F. Kennedy ran for president. He had to assure Protestant voters that he was a “real American” and would put the country ahead of religious faith. Now we had to choose between “Catholicism” and “Americanism”.

This is a choice that may be faced again. Let’s ask a hypothetical question. A conservative, pro-life and pro-family politician is elected president. He or she supports a radical cut back in government aid to the poor. A pope says that this goes against a hundred years of Catholic social teaching and to participate in it is a sin. What should he or she do?


The truth is republicans, especially at the State Level, have pushed the cause of life harder and with greater accomplishments than anytime in history. perhaps we should add this to the list of excuses catholic democrats use when supporting the pro-abortion candidates. The platforms of all 50 state democrat parry platforms supports abortion. exactly one state republican party from a low population state makes a change and this is given as evidence the republican party is going soft of social issues.


While that may be true, one does need look at the trend and sad reality. If most voters in your district or state are open to some form of abortion, running on a pure pro-life platform isn’t going to get you a lot of votes, and I blame the feminist movement on making it the prime issue. I see the same thing going on in Illinois with the Republicans and probably a whole bunch of other states. At least for now Nevada is honest about it.


Thing is they may lose your vote, but they may gain mine. I’m a hardcore Libertarian, so I’d me more likely to vote GOP the closer they get to that (obviously barring a Libertarian candidate in the same election).


Gallup has a paragraph regarding, ‘Americans Aged 18 to 29 Trending More Anti-Abortion’


It’s time for a saint party which would be 100% in line with catholic teaching. We can all join that party when we die (if we are lucky).

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