Never Been to Confession In My Life

Obviously I’ve talked to a priest like say hi or given them a greeting but I’ve never like talked to a priest about my sin or confessed to him. Is this bad because I’m in mortal sin? Also I keep sinning mortal sin.

Go to confession ASAP. Don’t be afraid that’s why Father is there. He hears all kinds of sins nothing will shock him. Why carry all of that around? Go to Confession and be free of it all. You will be so happy you did.


Why is it important to confess to a priest? I am afraid to though.

if you are Catholic you must because it was given to us by Jesus Himself when He told the Apostles “what sins you hold bound are held bound, what sins you loose are loosed”. Jesus didn’t need to hear sins, He was God so He knew what sins a person had on their soul but the Priest (IN CONFESSION sitting in the place of Jesus Persona Christi) must hear the sins of the penitent so he knows that they are sincerely sorry and so that he can give the penance and any counsel


I want to confess but I can’t stop sinning and I need to find a solution and I don’t want to confess and do it again. I’m scared to ask my parents.

You should go to confession. But, you arent really talking to the priest there - you are talking to God. The priest is there to facilitate the conversation and bless the sacrament. It isn’t scary. We confess with a priest because it is the standard of the sacrament, instituted by Christ and established in tradition by the church over time.

This will help you understand the scriptural background. Believe me, if the Church is asking you to do something, it is for your own edification. You will feel better if you do! Annnnnddd… they have put 2000 years of thought into the how/why.



GO TO CONFESSION and talk to Father


Okay. Also I tell my father my sins at home and ask him for help but he is Lutheran and I don’t ask my mom these questions even though she is Catholic. My dad teaches me Lutheran and I don’t talk to my mom about this. Since my dad is Lutheran he doesn’t teach me about confession.

Also I don’t know if anybody is at church at almost 8:00pm.

Temptations can be overcome by cooperating with sanctifying grace, so first get that.

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I think I know what your sin is—if it is what I think it is, then just know that a lot of young people struggle with it as well. However, the embarrassment is also a good thing because if it is embarrasing to tell the priest your sins, that will make you not want to sin again. Also, don’t receive communion because you’re in a state of mortal sin.

If your parents were married in the Catholic Church, then your father agreed to raise you as a Catholic. You should follow Catholic practices.

To confess, the priest will help you. They are busy, if nothing else, so make a list of your sins and the number of times for each, and just read the list – not a list of excuses – the priest has no time for excuses. Pope Francis says that the confessional is not supposed to be a torture chamber, so don’t make it one for yourself.

Tell the priest if you have a habit of committing certain sins.

Everything is not a mortal sin. The priest cannot always tell you if a particular sin is a mortal sin on your part, without asking some questions.

Confession-- in and out in less than five minutes, maybe. Try to work on those bad habits, OK? It may help to find something to do instead of committing that sin. Listen to Catholic music on youtube so those hymns are running through your mind. Be HOLY.

If you’re thinking of lust yes I did sin it but that was a venial sin because I had no idea and I stopped immediately. Can God not forgive me if I confess at home?

Are you Catholic, and have you made your first communion yet? :thinking:

Wait, you tell your father your sins? Why is that?


You don’t need to fix yourself before going to Confession. Confession is part of the “fixing” process. Do you want to stop sinning and repent your sins? Then go to Confession.


I consider myself Catholic because I feel like I am but theres another church I go to besides the Catholic church which is a Lutheran church and I learned there. I knew I wasn’t aloud to take communion so I didn’t.

Well, that doesn’t really answer the question.
How old are you, btw?

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I tell him my sins because I’m he just helps me out even though he’s not a priest I just like to talk it out because I usually stress out and it makes me feel better when I tell him. My age is on my profile or summary.



Fourteen years old.

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